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Friends and Family

All of the “escaping to not-so-warmer climes” traveling that we have been doing recently has left Lola Pug and I a little bit worn out, so what better way to recharge than to hang out for a few days at home, and have family and friends over to visit.

The mood is, needless to say, casual and relaxed – VERY relaxed – at Casa Lola these days….


You met little Frankie a while back, when his now angel-sister, Bradie, had eye surgery. (nice tongue there, mister!)

But what of family?

Well, we are lucky to have LP’s big sister, Nelly, here with us for a few days.

And lest you think she felt left out of Lola Pug and Frankie’s little lap-fest, I can assure you, she didn’t…


Always a happy girl, that Nelly.

And with a little bit more sofa snoozing under our belts, we should be ready for some serious adventuring.

Or maybe some more naps!



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Bradie’s Eyeball Update

Thank you, everyone, for your good juju and wishes for Lola’s little friend, Bradie.

She pulled through her eye surgery with flying colours, despite a rocky and scary lead-up, and I am happy to report that the little diva is back, and she’s badder than ever, man.

She is SO active now, that when I went over for an impromptu visit (armed only with my aging cell phone as a camera) I couldn’t get even a half-decent photo of her!


…so we went outside to the private terrace, and B’s mum held her up. She actually did stop wriggling for a second.


Not bad at ALL, girlie!

As Bradie was already blind, the removal of one of her eyes was more of a relief than a change for her, so aside from the side effects of the post-surgery medication, she is now mostly pain-free and more delightful (and demanding) than ever.


And not to be forgotten in all of this is little brother, Frankie, who lay by his sister’s side while she recovered, and who needs a little bit of extra loving to make up for all of the attention that the patient is getting.


Ah, the power of love. Yorkie style!


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Little Bee and Her Eyeballs

Lola Pug has her eye issues, but her buddy, Bradie, is going through some much more serious eye issues right now.


Little Bee is in for eye removal surgery this morning, and she’s a little bit on the older side with a few other health issues happening, so please keep your fingers and paws crossed for her.

She’s a special soul, rescued as a senior, and her mama and Aunt love her dearly (as does her growing fan club).

Heck. Lola Pug will even share a bed with her. It doesn’t get more special than that in the dog realm.


Be strong through your surgery, and heal, Little Beyonce. We’re all rooting for you.


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Godzilla Pug and Little Bee

I wrote a blog post about tiny Bradie on another blog today (click here to read it – there are more photos, too!), but I couldn’t resist featuring her on Lola Pug’s blog, as well.

Lola and I had the pleasure of hosting this divine, little creature for a couple of day-visits while her people were traveling. Having Bradie here was rather like having a benevolent little faerie in our home.

…the tongue slays me.

Lola, herself, is a petite creature, but Bradie is even tinier, weighing in at a mere 4 pounds. There aren’t too many canines out there who can make Lola look like the huge beast that she thinks she is.

Bradie hasn’t been paparazzi trained like The Pug, so it was with considerable effort that I managed to get a decent photo of the two of them side by side:

I realise now, of course, that I could have placed some marker beside them to illustrate exactly what levels of tininess we are talking about here, but we’re talking ankle height, my friends.

If it weren’t for Lola’s slight bitterness at having another canine in her space, I would have had to get an insulin shot.


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