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Pug on Holiday

We’ve been back from our little sojourn to the south for a while, but I thought I would do a recap of Lola Pug’s exciting adventure in the land of palm trees.

We went boating…

…lay around the pool…

…went for drives in a sexy convertible…

…more boat rides….

I’m so happy you enjoyed yourself so much, Pug.

Perhaps we’ll go somewhere a little more stimulating for you next time.


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Poolside Pug

Holy heck, how on earth is it the middle of August already?

There are only so many days left to enjoy the warmth and sunshine, Pug, what shall we do?

Shall we hang out by the pool a bit? Dip our tootsies in the water to cool off and laze around, reading magazines and watching the birds?

Oh, Okay.

Well. How about taking a dip? Mixing some drinks…maybe a barbecue…a few friends over….



I’m still here…still trying to expand your horizons, Your Highness.

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No Pugs Island

Once again, we took The Pug to a glorious part of the world. Surrounded by nature and loveliness… and she was thrilled to bits about it all…

Nice. Thanks, again, pug.

Hm…what’s this?


Your kin have clearly been here before.

Perhaps the local residents are a bit too sensitive about your comments on island life, pug.

Or maybe it was the bears.

We shall endeavour to find friendlier – and more interesting – shores for you next time.


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The Best Medicine

Into each life, some laughter must fall.

Close up photo of a black pug with a greying face in the sunshine, the pugs mouth is wide open in what looks like a yawn or a joyous laugh.

Thank you for the reminder, Roxy.


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The Celebration Continues

It was great to see the pug feeling so excited about Victoria Day as she enjoyed her long weekend up north.

Small black Lola pug sitting beside a small inukshuk in the sunshine, surrounded by green plants and ferns and yawning a HUGE yawn

I’m sorry, pug. We appear to be keeping you from some really important business. Like a nap, perhaps.

A little cultural appreciation can’t hurt you, you know.

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