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New Friends, New Family

The Pug really isn’t a huge fan of puppies, which is hilarious to me, considering that she was one of the wilder little whippersnappers I have ever known.

I need to confess that Lola Pug and I had quite literally just deplaned from a long trip when I packed her up again and dragged her over to meet one of our newest extended family members. I really do think that her behaviour was exemplary, especially considering that she was jet-lagged and hungry.

That being said, I would like to introduce you to Lola’s newest admirer and (future) BFF… 10-week old Bosco the Brussels Griffon.

Bosco really was VERY smitten with our Lola Pug…


…he followed her everywhere… did everything she did…


…she even acknowledged him in a non-snarly way at least once during the visit….


I think that Lola Pug was a little overwhelmed by the attention. And I don’t think she minded in the least bit, which was *shocking* to me.

And so – a great love is (maybe) born.

More formal introductions to follow, of course. Bosco’s little sister, you see, is also in the house, and we cannot WAIT to have you meet the two of them.


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