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Pug Meet Up – Part the Second

Wow. Lola and I have been so caught up in our adventures, we’ve been unable to update the blog as much. It’s time to get caught up!

Remember last weekend’s Marine Park meet up? Well – it wasn’t ALL about puppies … although they did kind of hijack the whole “attention to the big pugs” kind of plan.

So, while the people were busy basically ignoring anything that wasn’t a puppy, the other pugs got up to being pugs….

The Chuck-It is *always* a welcome addition to any pug meet up.

The handsome (and very mischievous) Dickens, waiting for his ball.

Lola and her new friend, Bella. Tiny, suspicious, black girl pugs!

Winston being all epic and majestic by the ocean.

Lola and Winston - reunited again.

It was a great surprise to see Lola and Winston *almost touch each other*!

We suspect it had to do with the trauma of the puppies, as they seemed to share similar thoughts on their people fawning over the little ones.

Winston posted some more photos on the horrifying …I mean FUN … event here, on his blog.


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