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A Pug and Her Stinkle (A Trip to the Dermatologist)

You might recall that we visited Lola’s vet a while back to get to the bottom of her overpowering stink mouth. Now, pug dentals aren’t something I take lightly, so we wanted to rule out all other possibilities before she went in for a cleaning.

Lola Pug has what I refer to as a “stinkle” (stinky wrinkle), so Deji and I thought it best to send HRH to see the dermatologist about resolving her clam face issues (not something I talk about much, because HRH is rather sensitive about it) *before* we talked dental.

I mean – if the hot clam boat smell is really her face and not her mouth, the dental would be an unnecessary risk, right?

So off to the specialist we went!


Have you ever seen a little pug so happy to be at the vet’s?

I really am the luckiest pug mama ever. And it’s not as if this is our first time at the vet specialist rodeo. I mean…look at the size of that file…


Lola P has WAY more specialists on her payroll than most people do. Certainly more than I do, at least.

Our dermatologist proved to be a wonderful guy, and after a little bit of poking and prodding of the pug’s face and talking about “growing things in a lab” (another pug, please!), we found ourselves waiting to be discharged.

The waiting room is always an exciting place to be – it inspires me and makes me sad, at the same time.

This beautiful guy is a 14-year old Pibble who was in for a chemo session. A sweeter dog you will never meet, and he was raring to get back into the treatment area so he could see all of his human friends at the clinic.


Of course, Lola P, being the social butterfly that she is, can’t go anywhere without seeing someone she knows, and who happened to be coming out of surgery that day, but her little friend, Sadie.


Sadie has just had surgery on her larynx and nose, and her recovery is going to be on the longer side, so please go and wish her well on her Instagram page here!

We were handed a bag of various stinkle medications, and we were on our way back home, where Lola P could *finally* eat her lunch and catch up on her sleep after a very busy afternoon.


Updates to come on the little clamboat and her stinkle. We get to find out what the “lab” has been “growing” next week, so if it’s anything even remotely exciting, I’ll keep you posted.

Until next week, stay cool, stay hydrated, and stay unstinky!



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A New Day…

…a new doctor.

Oh, Lola Pug.

Dogs tend to hide pain, so it’s VERY important to be vigilant about *any* change in behaviour – drinking more water than normal, unusual accidents in the house, hiding under furniture…. Often, these early signs of disease and injury are overlooked, and by the time we take notice, it’s too late to do anything.

And besides, isn’t it better to spend a bit of time and money at the vet now than spend even more time and money at the therapist’s office after it’s too late?

That being said, LP had an incident this week that had us sitting in a neurologist’s office all morning yesterday.

I think we’re up to four specialists now, in addition to her awesome Uncle Deji, who is her (awesome) vet GP.

Making friends everywhere, little one….


All seems to be well again, thank goodness, and we’re on a “watch her closely” protocol for the next few weeks.

And as long as I don’t give her *too many* kisses, I think that Lola Pug doesn’t mind the extra attention.

Well. Okay. Maybe she does. But that just means she’s back to normal again.

Love you, Pug.


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The Apple of my Eye

I see a patient file, a bottle of anaesthetic drops and a cone undone… this can only mean ONE THING!






Two eyeballs!

Have you ever felt SO relieved, you thought you’d throw up?

I mean – I know this isn’t a life-threatening thing, per se, but there is something to be said for quality-of-life-threatening, y’know? (not that losing one – or both eyes – has EVER, really slowed a pug down)

Lola Pug’s injured eye is healing “exceptionally well”, so keep doing what you do, little Pug.


She must be feeling better…



…not 10 minutes of having her eye opened, and she’s back into the mama Stink Eye.

Nice, little one, nice.


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Adventures in Eyeballs

Lola Pug injured her eye about a week ago, and even with her Uncle Deji’s prescribed treatment, she wasn’t getting any better. So off to the specialist we went to see what magical spell she could cast to heal the little one’s injury.

The Pug was happy for the adventure, but she was suspicious. Very suspicious….


There are dogs who are terrified at the vet, dogs who are indifferent, and then there is Lola Pug. Although always alert and on guard, her tail never stops wagging, and she arrives eager to make new friends and learn new things. (Poor little dude she’s keeping her eye on here had a gastrointestinal blockage. We hope he’s okay!)


I had optimistically (aka naively) hoped that the opthamologist would simply prescribe new drops and send us on our way, but The Pug ended up undergoing a corneal debridement and a grid keratotomy to help her eye heal. *shudder*

Needless to say, Lola Pug was MUCH braver than I would have been in the same situation. (It might also have helped that the clinic had an expert “pug hugger” to hold her still during the surgery.)

It was pretty traumatic for her, but she came out of it all with a pile of new meds and a new cone, and her tail was curled tightly (always a good sign of a pug’s mood) as she rather eagerly left the specialist’s office.


On closer inspection, I thought for a minute that she might be turning into a pug version of The Incredible Hulk – which really wouldn’t surprise me much, given the power of her hind leg kicks when she doesn’t want a certain doctor to look at her eyeball.


Sleep off those glowing green eyes, my little one. You’ll hopefully be cone-free in a few weeks, and all will be right with the world again.

You pugs and your eyes. Your beauty is also your weakness, little ones.

Now get some rest, and get better, little Bean!


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Big Pug is Watching You

Pugs have this amazing way of seducing you into doing pretty much anything they want.

I developed a semi-resistance to canine brain control while growing up with Golden Retrievers, who are widely known to be some of the most successful moochers on the planet.

When her seduction techniques fail, The Pug tends to turn to more devious tactics. And from this, El Demando was born….

Lola Pug’s beloved Uncle Deji took this photo.

She knew he was withholding liver snacks.

She is without mercy.

(Uncle D was putty in her paws, by the way)


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BIG Pug, Little Pug

It’s amazing to think they are the same species. eh?

Pug, it would take TWO of you just to make up her head. Seriously. Be nice to her. REALLY nice to her.

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