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Prized Pug Possession

The Pug has a few tried and true toys that have made the cut into the “forever favourites” list, but nothing compares to her little blue bonies.

She loves none other than these, specific bones. I have tried MANY others, but these are the only Pug Approved bones on the list. I  really can’t call the bones “toys”, either. They are more like an essential element for Lola Pug’s day-to-day living.

Bonie for The Pug is rather like an after-dinner glass of Port for me, and she only entertains it when The Man or I are with her. We need to pick it up for her, give it to her, pick it up again when she delightedly (and repeatedly) flings it off the sofa … just don’t try to take it away from her when she’s settling down for the evening….


Yes. Bonie is also her favourite teddy bear.

You just don’t mess with a pug and her bonie.


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Present from Payton

Pugs aren’t typically cheated in the toy department, and most well-loved pugs have as many oodles of toys as their family finances will allow.

When we met up with Payton’s people, Christy and Tim, we left with a little gift from them for Lola Pug. Payton had a collection of awesome toys, some of which are now being given in memory to her pug friends across North America.

Lola Pug LOVES gifts, so she was very eager to see what was waiting for her…


…witness her exceptional bag-diving technique, as taught to her by her little angel-friend, Rocco….


With the first victim already freed from the bag, (Homer the Lobster, in the background – he didn’t stand a chance against The Pug, and he will be snacked on during many play times to come), Lola went in for the second gift….


This gift was originally intended as a Christmas gift to Lola Pug, but apparently Payton became enamoured of it, and started to gnaw on a flipper, so another (equally awesome) stuffy took it’s place.

But here was the original gift, in all it’s glory.

Payton’s flipper was immediately identified by The Pug…


…and after a lengthy sniff, and what I like to think was a little puggie thank you to her angel friend…


…Lola Pug trounced the heck out of her new Pufferfish toy…


…which is pretty much as big of a “thank you” as pugs give, I think.

So to Christy and Tim – thank you from Lola Pug and her people for such a thoughtful gift.

Many, many frantic games of “Kill the Pufferfish” will be played in the time to come.


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Scrooge McPug

Every year, I am amazed at how busy our schedules become around the holiday season.

(I clearly have a very short memory, as this is (very) far from being my first Christmas.)

I think, though, that The Pug has a short memory, as well.

Sure, her toys and supplies get purged, and what she doesn’t play with gets brought to shelter animals, but she has NEVER had an empty stocking on Christmas morning. She is actually quite spoiled on the day, and is always quite gleeful at all of the attention she gets.

Pug. I really need to go through your toys and give some away. You really need to share, sweetie…

Ah, Generosity, thy name is Pug.


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Stuffy Buddies

Poor wee Lola Pug hasn’t had a lot of play dates with her regular buddies recently, and it’s really starting to show in her behaviour.

She is WAY more beansie than normal – my sore and bitten ankles and toes can attest to her masses of unspent energy – and I think she (shockingly) needs a little bit of canine companionship.

I don’t know what tipped me off to that….

Sweetie…we have a few play dates coming up with some of your best friends…you think you can hold off until then?

For such an antisocial pug, you sure need your friends, little one.


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Eat Your Veggies

With a few notable exceptions (onions, tomato greens, grapes and raisins, for example), fruits and vegetables are great for dogs.

One of Lola’s best friends prefers snow peas to just about anything else, and another buddy is completely crazy for carrots. Teething puppies often get relief from frozen carrots. A clever and nutritious teething ring, of sorts.

Lola, being the sensitive-bellied creature that she is, only gets her veggies in stuffy format…but that doesn’t seem to phase her.

She’s holding onto it with the power of her formidable lips, alone, I tell you.

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