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Tennis Pug

When The Pug was a puppy, she was a total flight risk (still is, actually – she IS a PUG, after all), so the only places I felt safe releasing her in were fenced, protected areas.

We often have access to a lovely private tennis court, and Lola Pug has come to know the court as a place of great joy and glee, and she leads me there immediately on arrival.


Is she in it for the fashion? The social scene? The cocktails? (isn’t every proper sport really best followed by ice cold cocktails?)

Nah. It’s all about the BALLS!

On a tennis court, Lola’s inner beast is unleashed, and she becomes a focused, flying huntress who would rival any Serengeti cheetah pursuing her prey.






Um. Pug?


Seriously? After all of that, you want us to believe that you are dignified and composed while on a tennis court?

Seriously, though. On the court, watching from the sidelines, even watching it on TV, Lola Pug is a total tennis junkie.

Whatever makes you happy, my love.

Your puggie wish is my ultimate command.



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