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Wordless Wednesday – Sakura Pug



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Spring Picnic

There is nothing dreamier than sitting in a garden on a gorgeous, warm spring day, surrounded by flowers and trees and green.

The Pug loves nature, too. One of her favourite warm-weather activities is sitting on the grass in the sunshine.

I know…how does she find the energy? She’s unstoppable, I tell you.

She also loves flowers. She often sniffs them…before she stomps on them. But she was already lying down here…

…I really should have learned from the Easter chickens, no?


I can dress you up, pug….

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The True North, Strong and…

…leashed. And slightly bored, methinks.

Out in the civilised wild, surrounded by trilliums on a beautiful spring day. Nary a bear in sight, still too cool for the snakes and bugs, good smells for pugs and people abound…

Lola the pug up in Muskoka on a beautiful spring day surrounded by sunlight and trilliums

…and she’s still not impressed.

She shows her patriotism and thanks by allowing me to feed her every day, I suppose.

You are one seriously tough customer, little girl.


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