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The Spring That Never Was… Lola Pug Edition

Hey, friends in the Northern Hemisphere – have you been having the kind of spring that we’ve been having here in Lola Pug’s hometown?

One day it’s warm and sunny and you don’t ever want to go inside…

Mama, it's PUG weather! Let's never go inside!


…and not 12 hours later, you’re back in your parka, wondering why and how anyone in their right mind would ever even think of going outside….

You. You are entirely responsible for this, and it will be remembered.


Despite my best attempts to convince her otherwise, it was quite clear that The Pug thought I was the cause of the weather change.

Needless to say, my attempts to convince her to go outside for our afternoon walk were not met with enthusiasm…

You are clearly completely out of your mind, woman.


…and so we wait for the few gorgeous, flower-filled days that Mother Nature will grant us until we descend headfirst into summer.

Springtime, we’re waiting for you!

In the meantime, LP and I have been having so many adventures, but simply no time to blog about them. We have a lot to catch up on, and we’re looking forward to sharing it all with you in the month ahead!



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It’s been a pretty green winter for us so far this year, and that’s suited Her Royal Pugness just fine, but we got a big old dump of snow the other day, and I simply couldn’t resist going for a walk in all of the wintery gorgeousness.

Alas, when one has two pugs who pretty much have opposite personalities, the term “walk” takes on an entirely new meaning.

Camera One…



…Camera Two….

Can we go this way? This way looks like fun! Come on! Hurry up!


Thank goodness they’re small beasts, ’cause I was not in the mood (nor will I ever be) to be drawn and quartered, thank you very much.

Roxy had no issues diving through snowbanks, exploring buried smells and generally romping in the gorgeous winter wonderland.

Lola Pug, however, had slightly different feelings….

Um. I thought we had a talk about this LAST YEAR, mother....


I guess, for some creatures, no amount of fashionable cold weather gear can make up for the fact that it is … you know … winter.


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Snow Day Pug

When the weather gets cold and snowy, it takes effort to get out the door. Not only are we cozy inside, but the layers of clothing all add time to what generally winds up being a very perfunctory visit into the great outdoors.

Let the coaxing begin.

C’mon, baby. You need to pee.

Yes, Ducky – that white stuff is everywhere. It’s called *winter*.

Go, go, go!

Oh, look. It turns out you’re actually NOT one of those pugs made out of sugar!

Okay, okay. Privacy granted.

Hurry up, though. I only bothered to put a coat on you, Pug.


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