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Ziggy the Wonder Pug

Up here in Canadianaland, it’s a long weekend, and while summer long weekends are often best appreciated on the edge of a loon-laden lake, we decided to do something a little bit different this time.

Word came around to Casa Lola that a certain little someone had been busted out of a bad situation, and needed to find his way across the province to his new home. Now, transporting rescue pugs is something I’ve been doing for years, but this transport was a source of particular joy.

When we went to meet the little man, he sure seemed happy to see us…


…and he had no issue accepting love and affection…


…even his wobbly legs didn’t slow him down….

We could have played with him all day, but the next leg of his transport was waiting for us, so into the car we piled, and onto the highway we went.

Someone was a bit tuckered out from all of the excitement….


He slept like a champ all the way to his next pick up, and from what I hear, he continues to charm all he meets on his journey to freedom.

Welcome to your new life, little one. There are so many loving arms already around you!


If you want to find out more about pugs like Ziggy (and even Ziggy, himself), click a link or two up and over to the right here ⤴ to link to a few of the rescues we know and love here at Casa Lola.

In the meantime,  we hope that little Ziggy here has given you at least a little bit to smile about on this summer Monday.

Rescues Rock!






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Creature Comforts

We often have our Pug (and Golden Retriever) family come to visit us at Casa Lola, and this week, we are playing host to one of Lola Pug’s best buddies, the lovely and delightful Miss Merryweather.

It usually takes a few days for our guests (and us) to settle into a routine that works for everyone, but Merry has fit in with our daily life pretty quickly.

She even helps me when I sit down to get to work…


…yup… there is space for me somewhere on this chair…


…if I could just squeeze in a little bit more, Miss Merry…


…that’s about right.

Nothing like starting a Wednesday with a great big smile on my face.

Oh. And you can stay here forever, little one. Just so you know.



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Crabby Uncle Monty

When Lola Pug came into my life all those years ago, she had the great fortune to have a built-in pug family in the form of Montgomery and Grace.

…well, I never said that it was a *functional* family, did I?

Darling Gracie aside, Lola Pug became very attached to Monty, and even as he aged into his “Crabby” stage, she loved him dearly. It’s easy to see why…


Even to this day, years after Monty left for the Bridge, the mere mention of his name makes Lola Pug’s ears perk up. She’d love nothing more than to have him strut through the door again and crank at her.

And considering how their very first meeting went when she was only a few months old, that still surprises me somewhat….


Let it never be said that pugs can’t talk.

Love to you up there Mr. Monty, and thank you for guiding my little one through her first years.



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Amazing Hazel

If you didn’t know that Hazel doesn’t have eyes…


…you’d never know she didn’t have eyes.

Hazel is Lola’s newest buddy, and one of my favourite pug photo subjects.

The camera LOVES this girl even more than she loves the camera.

For more on Hazel, click here.


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Wordless Wednesday – Cone Free!




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A New Friend

Lola Pug and her people had a bit of a rough week, and adventures were put on the back burner for a little bit. Poor pug has been kind of a “pug in the background” this past while, and that just isn’t what HRH is used to, so something had to give.

I decided that we needed to visit some new friends for a play date.

Always suspicious of me, The Pug was even more cautious when she came into her new buddy’s home and found…

…”Who on earth could we be dealing with here?”, thinks the pug. (ed note – Well, that’s how I interpreted her glare at me)

“Where the heck have you brought me?”, her eyes seemed to say to me. (ed note – what her eyes were saying was actually worded a little differently, but this is a family blog)

Lola … meet your new buddy…


Dear friends, I can hardly wait to tell you how well *this* little surprise went over.


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Pug Ahoy!

Autumn really is the most pleasant season, as far as the folks at Casa Lola are concerned.

We take every chance we can get to be outside, adventuring and cramming in all of the sun and warmth we can before the long, cold winter hits.

This year, we’ve been hitting up the lakes hard. Lola isn’t too thrilled about water or boats, so we thought we’d give her a chance to *really* get in on the action, and drive for a while…

…but that didn’t seem to maker her experience any better, really.

It wasn’t until we tied up at the dock and cracked open a couple of refreshing beverages that she really got into the boating thing.

So easy to make some creatures happy, yes?

We really are such simple souls in this household.


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The Pug Days of Summer

It’s been SO hot outside recently, so The Pug stays inside in air conditioned splendour (a must for a pug – I’m not kidding) for most of the day.

Our activities have been reduced to short breaks outside and walks only when the sun don’t shine.

We have been lucky to pay Nelly a few visits in her air conditioned palace this week. Who can resist a good play with a BFF?

By the looks of it, Nells is sure happy to have the company….

Kisses to you both, girls.

We love you to bits, you know.


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The Best Medicine

Into each life, some laughter must fall.

Close up photo of a black pug with a greying face in the sunshine, the pugs mouth is wide open in what looks like a yawn or a joyous laugh.

Thank you for the reminder, Roxy.


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