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Day 6: Pug In Nature Photography Challenge

So, *technically*, this isn’t water.


It might be something even worse.


I didn’t know that pugs had muscles in all of those places.

Come and join el Disgusto here tomorrow for the FINAL DAY of the Pug in Nature Photography Challenge! We’re going to miss this!



What is the Pug in Nature Photography Challenge?

I was recently challenged by Lola’s Uncle Deji to post a nature photo once a day for a week. These types of challenges don’t usually appeal to me, but then I thought that the world might be a slightly lovelier place if there were more photos of nature floating around. And then I realised that it would be an even more lovely place if there were more photos of Lola Pug in nature floating around.

So over the next week, I happily present to you daily updates of Lola Pug. In nature.

Lola and nature go together like me and camping.

Which is to say, not at all.

So this might be fun.



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