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Little Miss Earlybird

I think that a certain *someone* has been hoping that the early bird isn’t the only one who gets the worm, because the Little Miss has been waking me up at positively ungodly hours recently with her kibble demands.


Just in case something was wrong, and she didn’t feel well (she was being remarkably persistent), I took her outside, where she snuffled and huffled and had a decent, little bio-break.

…at 4:30am. In -11 degree weather. In the dark….


Was she put out that I plopped her right back into bed when we came back inside, instead of filling up her breakfast bowl?


I’d say that’s an affirmative.

I had to then spend the next day trying my best to be a fully-functional, intelligent and hard working human being, whereas someone else was able to spend her day recovering from her pre-dawn escapades.


…not that she was rubbing it in my face, or anything.

Honestly, Pug. You’re lucky I love you so much.





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Welcome Home!

Hey, Puuuuhhhuuuuug, I’m HOOOOOME!

Oh. Don’t get up too fast.

I wouldn’t want you to strain a muscle, or anything.

Well. I can see that your butt is probably pretty comfy on that bed, and all…

…and if you did move too much more, well, that would just take you further away from…


Thanks for the “effort”, sweetie.

I missed you, too.

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