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New Years Resolutions

Christmas and New Years are always a busy time, and it’s a time that Lola Pug and I typically love. I mean – food, friends, family and lots of gifts to wrap and unwrap – what’s not to love?

Now that 2014 has descended, it’s time to start working on those new years resolutions. I think The Pug has a few, and they would pretty much all involve being even more of what her fabulous self is already made of.

Isn’t that so, Pug?


Ah. I see. Still needing a few more days to recover, eh?



Well. We’ve clearly already got the “napping more” resolution aced.

Happy 2014, everyone!

Lots of love and best wishes to our human, canine, feline (and all other) friends. We wish you health, love and lots and lots of very snuggly naps in the year ahead.



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Daylight Savings

The Pug and I live in a part of the world that still does the clock shifting thing twice a year, and this morning, we “gained” an extra hour and got to sleep in a bit.

Personally, I’m not a fan of the time change thing. It always makes me sad to see the day get dark so much earlier, but The Pug…well…any excuse to snooze a little bit longer, y’know?


Honestly. With this little blob of coze in bed every morning, it’s a wonder I ever get up to do anything. Ever.

Happy Sunday, all!


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