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Friends and Family

All of the “escaping to not-so-warmer climes” traveling that we have been doing recently has left Lola Pug and I a little bit worn out, so what better way to recharge than to hang out for a few days at home, and have family and friends over to visit.

The mood is, needless to say, casual and relaxed – VERY relaxed – at Casa Lola these days….


You met little Frankie a while back, when his now angel-sister, Bradie, had eye surgery. (nice tongue there, mister!)

But what of family?

Well, we are lucky to have LP’s big sister, Nelly, here with us for a few days.

And lest you think she felt left out of Lola Pug and Frankie’s little lap-fest, I can assure you, she didn’t…


Always a happy girl, that Nelly.

And with a little bit more sofa snoozing under our belts, we should be ready for some serious adventuring.

Or maybe some more naps!




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