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Pineapple Express Pugs

“The Pineapple Express” sounds pretty great, doesn’t it? It sounds tasty. Sweet. Warm.

Well, it’s NOTHING like it sounds. It’s simply wet. Wetwetwet.

It’s been quite a while since we saw our West Coast pug friends, so we jumped at the chance to go to a pug gathering, despite the weather warnings.

Lucky for us, the Express held off for a bit, so we were able to see our buddies again, and have a rollicking, puggie time.

We met old friends…


…new friends…


…and even our buddy, Dickens, who has just celebrated his 11th birthday….


Being a public park, it wasn’t ALL pugs, of course. I’m a *total* sucker for Basset Hounds, so it was a real treat to meet this tennis ball obsessed girl…sweet lord, I mean LOOK AT HER BAGGY LEGS!


We were really looking forward to seeing Lola’s friend, Winston, again, but the weather wasn’t appropriate for a man of his nature, so he ended up staying at home in his cozy, warm bed.

We were very excited to meet Winston’s new brother, though. Here he comes…


The handsome and slightly camera shy Sam Cooper!

Sam Cooper came all the way from Midsouth Pug Rescue in Tennessee up to his perfect, new home in Vancouver, BC, and he couldn’t be happier!


Sam Cooper doesn’t seem to have much patience for larger dogs – a feeling that he and Lola Pug seem to share.

Sam Cooper and Lola Pug seemed to sense that our lucky spate of semi-decent weather was coming to an end…


…even little Meadow was bracing herself…


We should have been paying closer attention.

The heavens opened, and there was no staying dry, despite umbrellas and boots, so we ran back to the car, lead by a very unhappy Lola Pug.


Did I mention that she was unhappy about being so wet?


No worries, though. We got home, got dry and curled up in front of a lovely fire to dry off.

The fact that the sun came out (for the first time in over two weeks) that afternoon *almost* made up for the bone-soaking we got.

We can hardly wait to come back and see our buddies again – in the sunnier, dryer months!




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Winter Socks

When it’s cold and wet outside, one of the small comforts I enjoy is putting on a warm, dry pair of socks.

The Pug thinks that socks are quite wonderful, as well, but for slightly different reasons….


There are very few times when I won’t take up the chase and try to get my sock back after she steals one off my foot…


…it’s just too much fun to play this game with her.

I mean, if you can’t have fun and play when the opportunity presents itself, you’re really missing a major point of being alive, no?


And that’s kind of one of the reasons dogs are here. To remind us to stop, drop and play.

Now. About that sock, Pug. I think I’ll need a slightly … dryer one now.


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Rain, Rain, Go Away….

Rainly days can be kinda dreamy if you’re in the right headspace, but The Pug doesn’t like getting wet for ANY reason, so they’re kind of a drag for her – especially when she’s feeling all beansie and wants to get out and sniff things.


Like her mama, Lola Pug is not so good at hiding her true feelings.


But with a face like that? She’ll get ALL the sympathy she could ever want, and then some.

The Sunshine will come again, little love.


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Pug Vacation Redemption. Sort Of.

The lovely folks at the Inn had prepared a big, clean, gorgeously comfortable bed for Lola Pug, as well as a bowl of welcome treats! (which I quickly whisked away, as I had no intention of meeting the finest vet in the city on this trip)

Well, this should make up, in part, for the wet hike, no, Pug?

But we’re not here to look at the inside of the hotel room all day, Pug, regardless of how lovely the interior might be.

The Pug’s memory is remarkably well-developed, and the mention of another walk later that day was not met with much enthusiasm.

No rain – but the “rain torture pose” still held strong….

HRH’s misery was somewhat abated by the thrill of peeing on new and unexplored territory.

Yes. She pees like a boy.

So as the sun started to set at the end of our walk, The Pug’s mood had shifted ever so slightly away from pained and vindictive misery to something resembling a cautious sort of semi-enthusiasm.

…which is about as much as I can expect, I suppose.

So I call this weekend a WIN in my books, and it’s onto planning The Pug’s *next* travel adventure. (because aside from scooping kibble, that’s really what I was put on this planet to do, no?)


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Worst. Vacation. Ever.

Adventure getaways make life awesome, and it gets even awesomer when we find pug-friendly places to do the getting away to.

Alas, the weather isn’t always pug-friendly, so sometimes we just have to suck it up and deal with it.

Some of us suck it up better than others, of course.

The Pug really wasn’t impressed with the view…

…or the historical significance…

…or the parliamentarian grandeur…

…and her national pride simply can’t survive a long walk in the pouring rain…

…so on arriving back at the hotel, she made it quite clear where she wanted to be for the rest of our adventure.

That’s not even your bed, darlingest one. That’s Ruby’s bed, and I’m sure she will be less than excited to learn that you have repeatedly smeared your wet stinkle into it.

Well. it looks like we might have a lot to make up for after this “exciting” walk.

We have one more day, so maybe it will all work out.

Paws crossed.


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