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A Birthday Fit for HRH

Pugs have always been favoured by royalty. For goodness sake, the breed was born to royalty – they originated in the Imperial courts of China thousands of years ago. Eventually smuggled out of Asia by Dutch traders, pugs were gifted to and preferred by the powerful House of Orange. Napoleon Bonaparte’s lover, Josephine, had a pug named Fortune. William Hogarth, Winston Churchill, and King Edward VIII, among others, were famously and unapologetically devoted to their snuffling, little companions.

Most well-known in the Western world, however, was the love and favour bestowed upon the pug by HRH Queen Victoria, who was not only the leader of the Commonwealth, but also founder of The Kennel Club.

It is only fitting that Lola have a weekend of celebration for the woman on her birthday.

Being a modern pug who is subject to the whims of her people, Lola must adapt and celebrate in her own way – unique to her times and her environment.

Ah, yes. 3,000 years of careful breeding and royal patronage leads to this:

Happy Victoria Day to all from the pug.


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