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The Summer of NOPE.

Every hot and humid day is a Day of NOPE here at Casa Lola (for both of us, if I’m being honest), but this summer is turning out to be particularly hilarious. Well, for me, at least.

As Lola P gets older, she has wisely decided to not put up with the BS anymore, and she really is hitting her stride this year.

Time to go for a walk?



Come on. Just a little walk?



We might meet some friendly dogs and their people!



Puppy kisses?



Life-sustaining filtered and chilled water?



Well, I can see how this summer is going to play out.

At least I’ll be laughing a lot while we sit doing nothing.

Hm. Maybe she’s onto something, actually….

Have a great week ahead, Possums! Stay cool and see you next Sunday!






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Puppy Love

Is there anything better to do on a Sunday than visit a PUPPY?

I certainly can’t think of too many other things.

Fortunately for me, Miss Merryweather has a new little sister, so last weekend, I invited myself over to meet the wee mite.

Everyone – meet RUBY!


The thinking was that Ruby needed an older, engaged role model to show her the ropes, as Miss Merryweather really isn’t that into having little paws all up in her grill these days.

Just for size comparison sake…


Seriously. I die.

Ruby immediately took to Lola Pug…


…but I’m pretty sure the love was one sided.

After a bit of floor romping, Her Royal Highness was lifted to a puppy-free zone, where a certain someone tried and tried, but just couldn’t get up to play with her new, favourite friend.

It won’t be long before Ruby can jump up on that sofa, and when she does, I’ll be there, with my “real” camera, and lots and lots of love and treats for the long suffering adult pugs in the room.

…for more Ruby and Merryweather, you can always visit the Merrylog!



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Puppy Snacks

I can’t get enough of pug puppies. Especially this little one.

The thing about puppies is they explore with their mouths, so they have to be kept under close watch at all times.

For example, you might think that puppy teeth are no match for an aluminum ladder…


…but one can never be too careful…


…puppy teeth are equal only to shark teeth….


…seriously, girl. That can’t taste very good.


Unfazed, and sitting like a true pug princess, Jo contemplates her next snack.

Endlessly entertaining.


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Kitty vs Pug

No pug puppies were harmed in the making of this post…




…not even her dignity.

You should SEE what the cat puts up with from this little one.



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New Friends, New Family

The Pug really isn’t a huge fan of puppies, which is hilarious to me, considering that she was one of the wilder little whippersnappers I have ever known.

I need to confess that Lola Pug and I had quite literally just deplaned from a long trip when I packed her up again and dragged her over to meet one of our newest extended family members. I really do think that her behaviour was exemplary, especially considering that she was jet-lagged and hungry.

That being said, I would like to introduce you to Lola’s newest admirer and (future) BFF… 10-week old Bosco the Brussels Griffon.

Bosco really was VERY smitten with our Lola Pug…


…he followed her everywhere… did everything she did…


…she even acknowledged him in a non-snarly way at least once during the visit….


I think that Lola Pug was a little overwhelmed by the attention. And I don’t think she minded in the least bit, which was *shocking* to me.

And so – a great love is (maybe) born.

More formal introductions to follow, of course. Bosco’s little sister, you see, is also in the house, and we cannot WAIT to have you meet the two of them.


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Howdy, Neighbour!

I’ve been a bit behind on my posts recently. I’ll blame it on spring cleaning…spring fever…spring patio season….

Speaking of spring … Lola Pug suddenly seems to have a whole bunch of new friends in the ‘hood, and ALL of them are PUPPIES!!!

First to the gate is BOSS! Our newest, sweet as pie, wouldn’t hurt a fly (but, wait – can he still eat them?) Boxer pup neighbour.


Boss met Misty when he first came home, and he immediately fell in love. She didn’t seem to mind him, either.


And where was Lola in all of this puppy love?

Right where you think she’d be, of course…


…at a safe distance.

(thanks to Boss’s Mum, Jen, for the photo of Lola and Boss. For more Boss – and more Bullies, in general – visit Jen online here!)


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And They Called It Puppy Love…

…or not.

Well. For us humans it was nothing BUT puppy love, but Lola Pug just doesn’t feel the love for the younger ones anymore.

Ahhhh, baby bulldogs.

Nothing is finer.

Except for grown-up pugs, of course.



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New Friends

One of The Pug’s favourite places to visit on our walks is the local pet food store.

She never gets the treats that they hand out to dogs (who obviously have better gastro systems than the Princess), but she does love to snuffle up the invisible motes of kibble dust on the ground. There are cats there, too, which is always a good thing…unless the cat’s name is Minnie (more on Minnie in a later post).

The store has a new, part-time greeter now, much to my delight.

I think, however, that The Pug was trying to pretend that nothing had changed.

Right behind you, girl.

Yah. That’s the blur of a puppy.

Better keep a close eye on this one, pug.

His feet are the size of Christmas hams.

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