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Florida Pug

So have you had time to take a guess at what Lola Pug got up to on her exciting trip to the land of palm trees and manatees?

When we last left her, HRH was rather happily soaking up some much needed vitamin D…


…but it wasn’t ALL about sunshine and relaxing.

Lola Pug was active and sprightly…


…she moved around the pool like a sunflower capturing the optimal sunshine angles…


…she went for exciting walks that involved a lot of exercise…


…she entertained friends and listened to what were clearly some thrilling discussions…


All in all, I think I had a very happy pug on my hands.


But even the best of things must come to an end. I broke the news to Lola Pug gently, just as her Auntie was giving her a post-yogurt skritch…


It’s time to go home, sweetie.

Our visit was short, but it was just what we needed to recharge our batteries and feel a bit of warmth on our skin before returning to the long winter ahead.

Bye bye, beautiful ocean and beaches and sunshine…


…and hello winter.

You might be cold and frosty, dear city, but it warms my heart to see you again.


I might be the only one who feels that way, though.



So I guess I had better get my thinking cap on and line up some new adventures before someone cries mutiny, and teaches herself how to book her own flights.

Wishing everyone in the North American snowbelt many warm, palm tree dreams this frosty weekend!

Now, little pug. What are we going to get up to next….



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Jet Set Pug

When last we left you, The Pug and I were leaving our dear friends on Bowen Island, British Columbia, and hurtling back through the air to Casa Lola.


But we weren’t headed home to rest. Nope. Not *quite* yet.

No sooner had we opened our front door and emptied our suitcases than we packed up again and headed straight back to the airport.

Where to this time, Pug?


Lola Pug really wasn’t impressed with my insistence that we embrace the jet-setting lifestyle, but she soon changed her mind when we landed at our next destination.


After a quick watering of the flowers, a certain someone ran out to her favourite spot in the entire state…


…and staked her claim on the spot that I suspected she would basically remain in for the duration of our trip.


Hey, no judgment here, Pug.

In fact, I’d advise you to soak up those winter rays as much as you can. We have a lot of winter left, and we have to grab our sunshine when we can!


We both proceeded to take a good, long nap, and got ourselves rested up for the week that lay ahead in this magical winter land of palm trees, geckos and sunshine.

Our adventures down south continue next week! Can you guess what we got up to on this trip?





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Pugs and Geckos and … ?

If you’re starting to think that Lola Pug and I did absolutely *nothing* on our trip to the southern states, you take home the grand prize, my friend.

Lola did, eventually, discover the geckos, and was mesmerised by them – even when they were standing still.

We went down to the dock one morning to find something that was perhaps a bit bigger than a gecko had clearly been wandering through the garden the night before.

Our friend, Bassa, will know – is this an iguana trail?

Whatever this was – it was bigger than a pug!

After learning from Bassa that iguanas can break a dog’s leg with a swish of their tail, I’m kinda happy we never saw one up close.


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Poolside Pug

Holy heck, how on earth is it the middle of August already?

There are only so many days left to enjoy the warmth and sunshine, Pug, what shall we do?

Shall we hang out by the pool a bit? Dip our tootsies in the water to cool off and laze around, reading magazines and watching the birds?

Oh, Okay.

Well. How about taking a dip? Mixing some drinks…maybe a barbecue…a few friends over….



I’m still here…still trying to expand your horizons, Your Highness.

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Wordless Wednesday – August


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