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Winter Socks

When it’s cold and wet outside, one of the small comforts I enjoy is putting on a warm, dry pair of socks.

The Pug thinks that socks are quite wonderful, as well, but for slightly different reasons….


There are very few times when I won’t take up the chase and try to get my sock back after she steals one off my foot…


…it’s just too much fun to play this game with her.

I mean, if you can’t have fun and play when the opportunity presents itself, you’re really missing a major point of being alive, no?


And that’s kind of one of the reasons dogs are here. To remind us to stop, drop and play.

Now. About that sock, Pug. I think I’ll need a slightly … dryer one now.


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Playground Supervisor

Yes, Lola Pug actually was at the play date on the weekend – just to answer a few people who questioned her actual presence at the event.

In case you were wondering what Lola Pug actually does at a play date, I offer you this…


Yup. She sits with me, and supervises the activities of the “dogs”.

She really and truly has no clue that she is one of them.

As long as she still plays with her pug buddies now and then, I’m totally cool with that.

Thanks to Michele (Griffy Mum Extraordinaire!) for the photo.


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Chillin’ with Friends

Despite The Pug’s insistence that she is Lord and Queen of All that is Me, she is still a pug, and she needs to get out and mix with her brethren every now and then.

Fortunately, one of our (human) friends is a pug lover who is also a Pugalug Pug Rescue foster mom extraordinaire. When we are *very* lucky, we get to go over and hang with her brood for a couple of hours, and puggie mayhem ensues.


Well. This would be post-mayhem sunbeam time, of course.

Hazel was outnumbered by the black girl pugs this time around, but give that girl a sunbeam, and she doesn’t care one whit.

And who are the other two gorgeous girls sitting with Lola Pug?

More on them in the next post….


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Present from Payton

Pugs aren’t typically cheated in the toy department, and most well-loved pugs have as many oodles of toys as their family finances will allow.

When we met up with Payton’s people, Christy and Tim, we left with a little gift from them for Lola Pug. Payton had a collection of awesome toys, some of which are now being given in memory to her pug friends across North America.

Lola Pug LOVES gifts, so she was very eager to see what was waiting for her…


…witness her exceptional bag-diving technique, as taught to her by her little angel-friend, Rocco….


With the first victim already freed from the bag, (Homer the Lobster, in the background – he didn’t stand a chance against The Pug, and he will be snacked on during many play times to come), Lola went in for the second gift….


This gift was originally intended as a Christmas gift to Lola Pug, but apparently Payton became enamoured of it, and started to gnaw on a flipper, so another (equally awesome) stuffy took it’s place.

But here was the original gift, in all it’s glory.

Payton’s flipper was immediately identified by The Pug…


…and after a lengthy sniff, and what I like to think was a little puggie thank you to her angel friend…


…Lola Pug trounced the heck out of her new Pufferfish toy…


…which is pretty much as big of a “thank you” as pugs give, I think.

So to Christy and Tim – thank you from Lola Pug and her people for such a thoughtful gift.

Many, many frantic games of “Kill the Pufferfish” will be played in the time to come.


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Dogs and Cottages

Dogs and cottages are a pre-tty cool combination.

This past weekend, The Pug and I went visiting, and there were activities galore.

Lola’s buddies, Trigger and Tilly, adore cottage living and all of the stick-chasing, lake swimming and dirt rolling that comes along with it. And when Uncle Jim introduced them to the new game of “Splashy Face”, the fun just got amplified – for canines AND their people (“Splashy Face” went on for HOURS, people, HOURS!)….





And The Pug?

Well. You must already have figured out that she is not a “dog”, per se.

So what was she doing in the midst all of this frivolity?


…calling her lawyer, of course.

Honestly, Pug.


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Pug Meetup!

The Pug and I are lucky in that the cities we travel to most often have good pug populations, so we get a lot of variety in both our socialising and our scenery.

Every so often, we’re lucky enough to be in town for the more formal pug play dates. There’s nothing quite so wonderful (or hilarious) as seeing a bunch of pugs running around and playing together.

Lola doesn’t exactly approach these events with as much enthusiasm as I do.

I don’t think Lola even identifies herself as being “pug”.

Lola’s life is, I believe, *very* dramatic in her own mind…


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Pogo Pug – All Hail the Seniors!

Lola’s new friend was a little bit … active. He just wouldn’t stop running around and playing, and he proved to be a difficult subject to take photos of.

Lola, Rocco and Pogo (okay, mostly Rocco and Pogo) played and played and played until I got tired, and decided it was time for ME to have a nap.


Pogo slowed down enough to let me take a decent photo of him…

People. Pogo is ELEVEN YEARS OLD!

All hail the seniors! Outrunning, outplaying and outlasting the whippersnappers, INDEED!


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Fierce Hunter

Ah, the domesticated pug. (as if there could be any other kind)

Ninja-like reflexes, speeds that rival the cheetah, combined with the infamous pug persistence all make Lola Pug a formidable hunter and stalker…

…at least until I notice her “request” to get her ball out from under the furniture.

Then it’s all squeakies and silliness. …just as it should be.


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Griffie Party!

Good golly, we have really got to catch up on Lola’s weekend adventure with the Griffies!

Bentley and wee Clara (a ringer for Lola Pug, I tell you), have adept “will dance for treats” skills, which were on full display. They were bookended by Osgood and little Rocco in their efforts (Osgood, who might have too much sense, and Rocco, who, if I’m being brutally honest, simply might not comprehend).

Osgood, Clara, Bently, Rocco

Unsure as to how to react to such displays of dogginess (The Pug would NEVER knowingly perform tricks for treats), Lola resorted to snuffling the patio for cookie motes.

Rocco, perhaps not quite understanding the Griffie game, came to join his lifelong friend.

After the Griffies were done with their treats, and had finished their zoomies around the yard, we all retreated for a rest.

It seems that all of the excitement was too much for Osgood, who flaked on his Mum’s lap, and wouldn’t even wake up for kisses.

Lola and Bentley, sharing a common, more serious demeanour, seemed to bond (without touching each other – The Pug has her limits, you know)…

…and all were simply TOO flaked out to be very excited for the group shot before we left.

Clara, Osgood, Bentley, Lola and Rocco

Oh, Osgood and Lola Pug, you really look pooped.

We had SO much fun (the people did, at least), so we’re planning on another play date soon.

Poor Lola Pug wasn’t quite sure what to do with all of the competing cuteness, but she has since recovered well, and I am confident she will be happy to see her new buddies again at our next get-together.


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Friends … and Benefits

Oh, Pug, you look rather … *splat* today.

What on earth has made you like this?

…rewind to 20 minutes prior….


I see. A new friend.

Lola’s new BFF, Zor, is very good with small dogs, and I believe it is his unique “roll and gently squash” technique of playing that had The Pug so engaged and excited to play with him.

A tired pug is a happy pug. And a happy pug makes the world right.

Happy long weekend, Canadian friends.


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