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GRRRRRR, Mateys!

The older Lola Pug and I get, the stranger it seems to put her in little outfits (winter gear nothwithstanding).

But there are a few days each year that warrant – nay, REQUIRE – dressing up for, and today is one of them….


GRRRRRRRR, Mateys! Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day!!!!


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Ahoy, me heartys!

Yar – so we been on an airship all day today, ya scurvy mates, and we haven’t been able t’celebrate *completely* in t’style that we are used to, but Lola would like t’take this opportunity t’wish you all a … HAPPY TALK LIKE A PIRATE DAY!

We be “garrrr”in’ and “yarrrr”in’ at each other (and at t’awesome flight crew) all day long today.

T’ere ain’t nottin like a pug wench in a pirate dress to do t’day up right.



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