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Day 2: Pug In Nature Photography Challenge

Day 2 of the Challenge calls for a little close up, no?

Lola P is NOT a fan of the wetness, so usually lakes and oceans and even damp spots on the sidewalk are outside of her tolerance levels. But once in a very blue moon the stars align, and someone enjoys cooling her tootsies off.

As I recall, this was a fairly warm day, and we had been trekking around the seashore for quite some time when we found a gorgeously shallow and warm part of the water to wade around in.

And…well…someone didn’t quite understand why I was so excited that she wasn’t screaming to be picked up.



Oh, you make my heart melt, little one.

Come back tomorrow for Day 3’s adventure in nature!


What is the Pug in Nature Photography Challenge?

I was recently challenged by Lola’s Uncle Deji to post a nature photo once a day for a week. These types of challenges don’t usually appeal to me, but then I thought that the world might be a slightly lovelier place if there were more photos of nature floating around. And then I realised that it would be an even more lovely place if there were more photos of Lola Pug in nature floating around.

So over the next week, I happily present to you daily updates of Lola Pug. In nature.

Lola and nature go together like me and camping.

Which is to say, not at all.

So this might be fun.


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