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Hello Spring!

Pug, popsicle, park…




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Pineapple Express Pugs

“The Pineapple Express” sounds pretty great, doesn’t it? It sounds tasty. Sweet. Warm.

Well, it’s NOTHING like it sounds. It’s simply wet. Wetwetwet.

It’s been quite a while since we saw our West Coast pug friends, so we jumped at the chance to go to a pug gathering, despite the weather warnings.

Lucky for us, the Express held off for a bit, so we were able to see our buddies again, and have a rollicking, puggie time.

We met old friends…


…new friends…


…and even our buddy, Dickens, who has just celebrated his 11th birthday….


Being a public park, it wasn’t ALL pugs, of course. I’m a *total* sucker for Basset Hounds, so it was a real treat to meet this tennis ball obsessed girl…sweet lord, I mean LOOK AT HER BAGGY LEGS!


We were really looking forward to seeing Lola’s friend, Winston, again, but the weather wasn’t appropriate for a man of his nature, so he ended up staying at home in his cozy, warm bed.

We were very excited to meet Winston’s new brother, though. Here he comes…


The handsome and slightly camera shy Sam Cooper!

Sam Cooper came all the way from Midsouth Pug Rescue in Tennessee up to his perfect, new home in Vancouver, BC, and he couldn’t be happier!


Sam Cooper doesn’t seem to have much patience for larger dogs – a feeling that he and Lola Pug seem to share.

Sam Cooper and Lola Pug seemed to sense that our lucky spate of semi-decent weather was coming to an end…


…even little Meadow was bracing herself…


We should have been paying closer attention.

The heavens opened, and there was no staying dry, despite umbrellas and boots, so we ran back to the car, lead by a very unhappy Lola Pug.


Did I mention that she was unhappy about being so wet?


No worries, though. We got home, got dry and curled up in front of a lovely fire to dry off.

The fact that the sun came out (for the first time in over two weeks) that afternoon *almost* made up for the bone-soaking we got.

We can hardly wait to come back and see our buddies again – in the sunnier, dryer months!




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Going for walks in new locales means I have to keep my eyes open extra wide for things that might be Bad for The Pug.

Dead animals, wayward poop, litter, dropped food, and … stickums?


I often think that Lola looks a bit like a baby seal – not only because of her big, liquid eyes, but also because of her sleek, black coat that has – up to now – managed to repel most fauna that seeks to attach itself to her.


…not so the “stickums”.

I have no clue what these are, but they stuck to MY skin, too!


Legs, footpads, chin wattles, lips – even her NAILS! These suckers were stuck on with little hooks AND with sticky outer layers.

Not so good for your beautiful baby seal eyes, Bean, so until I figure out where these come from, your roadside snuffling is curtailed.

Being cruel to be kind comes with being a good mama, I guess.


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Wordless Wednesday – Low Tide









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Pug People Unite!

Now – onto our summer adventures!

One of the best things about blogging Lola Pug’s adventures is that we get to meet some really fantastic people from all over the world.

We have already become real-life friends with Winston and his people, and now we can add the wonderful Christy and Tim – Angel Pug Payton‘s people – to that list.

With a bit of planning and some good luck, we were able to meet up with them all last week for a private people/pug meetup…

Lola Pug, Christy and Winston

Okay. So Lola wasn’t too impressed, but her indifference merely cemented our suspicions that Lola and Payton were, indeed, soul sisters. And Christy and Tim are as lovely in real life as they are online.

I had to get a photo of Christy’s uber-sweet tribute to Pugnacious P.


Needless to say, the pugs weren’t overly impressed by our standing around and endlessly gabbing away. By the end of our visit that day, Lola was tired, so I asked if she could share a ride with Winston in his stroller.

Now, Winston is a gentleman, but I wasn’t sure how Lola would react to sharing such tight quarters with another pug…


…and the concern was clearly all for naught.

We left our meet up with full hearts, and a little gift from Payton… but that is a whole other post unto itself….


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Weekend Reminder

Just in case you forgot it was Friday afternoon, Nelly would like to remind you that you should be thinking about leaving work RIGHT NOW, and heading to that special summer place. The cottage, your hammock, the back porch, that park with all the squirrels in it….


Even if you don’t have a cottage to go to, or a fridge full of frosty drinks to dive into, stay cool and get some chill time to relax.

Nelly told you to.

And you *don’t* want to disappoint Nelly.


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It’s Too Darn Hot


It’s hot and really humid here today.

It’s the kind of humid that opens up the pores of the earth and brings out all of those soaked-in smells that really are better left un-smelled. By humans, at least. Because I’m betting they’re dog-friendly smells.



See? It’s too hot even for the pugs to enjoy being outside for long.

Only the cicadas seem to be happy today, and even then, they might simply be screaming for mercy.

Okay. One more minute, littles, then it’s inside, to bask in the AC flow and gnaw on ice chips.

Stay cool, everyone!


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Weekend Training

Oh, Hai, Nelly!


We are overjoyed to have Nells with us for the upcoming Canada Day weekend, and we’ve been in serious training mode for all of the relaxing ever since she arrived at our door.

Relaxing takes much training and vigilance, you know…


One of the joys of having Nells with us is her absolute inability to be serious for very long. Whereas Lola Pug is quite serious quite a lot of the time, Nelly is a full-on happy as a clam cheeseball…


Hey, Nells. Your mouth is open so wide, I can see down to your tail.

Although Lola still maintains the Place of Honour on my lap, her sister does not in any way miss out on the fun, and she has her own special spot when we all sit down together.


Little weirdo.

Oh, the adventures that await us, girls.

Happy Friday, everyone!


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Pug Meetup!

The Pug and I are lucky in that the cities we travel to most often have good pug populations, so we get a lot of variety in both our socialising and our scenery.

Every so often, we’re lucky enough to be in town for the more formal pug play dates. There’s nothing quite so wonderful (or hilarious) as seeing a bunch of pugs running around and playing together.

Lola doesn’t exactly approach these events with as much enthusiasm as I do.

I don’t think Lola even identifies herself as being “pug”.

Lola’s life is, I believe, *very* dramatic in her own mind…


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Nanook of the Cozy Bed

No one resents weather quite like The Pug, and this latest (and first of the year) deep freeze that has hit us has been duly noted in HRH’s record book.

We finally got snow the other day, and since then, the mere suggestion of an outdoor excursion has been met with deep suspicion and disgust.

Oh, come ON, pug, your bladder is *really* only so big, and don’t you want to sniff around and see what’s happening outside?

Yah. I see your point.

Move over, bunny. I’m crawling in beside you.


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