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Pugjama Party

Lola Pug’s friends from Southern Fried Pugs, down in the US, recently sent us the most amazing PUGjamas to keep the Royal Pug Butt warm and cozy through the winter months.

Now, The Pug might hoard her toys, but she loves to share her fashion, so we had custom jamas made for Lola Pug’s friend, Rocco, too!

The cold weather these days has driven us indoors, so what better time to get together and have a pugjama party than a cold, January night.

I suppose they didn’t much appreciate the peals of laughter that filled the air during this little photo shoot.

They did, however, lounge happily for quite some time.

You guys are bad to the bone.

As a thank you to the SFP for making these awesome pugjamas, Lola Pug and her people have made a donation in their name to the Pugalug Pug Rescue to help out with the vet bills for the little rescues (pugs can be high needs in the vet bill area).

It’s shaping up to be a VERY snuggly winter here at Casa Lola.


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