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Lola of the Lake

Working on the (likely not entirely correct) premise that Lola Pug is happiest when she’s with her mama, I take her on as many of my adventures as I possibly can – as long as it’s safe for her to come along, of course.

I thought it only fair to share my latest passion with her. The instructors I know in the sport encourage canine participation, and the way I figure it, the more time I spend with the little bean, the better. So I got her all geared up.

Well. She was skeptical at first (the life jacket is never a good sign, in her books)…


…and I think it’s pretty safe to say she remained skeptical when we left the shore…


…I thought the world might end when a wave got her foot wet (pugs ARE made of highly refined sugar, after all)…


…but she seemed to settle in quite nicely after she realised there was no dry escape route.


I tell myself that she wasn’t sitting behind me the whole time, trying to set my calves on fire with her glare…


…and I think she looks rather regal, to be honest.

But I might be confusing “regal” with “coldly plotting her revenge”, because she sure was happy to hit dry land.

Needless to say, like Lola Pug, I am determined and stubborn at times, and this weekend was not the last time that Her Royal Highness will see the world from a paddle board.

LAKE HO, pug! Summer has just got a whole lot more FUN for us! Well. It has for me, at least.


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