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A New Day…

…a new doctor.

Oh, Lola Pug.

Dogs tend to hide pain, so it’s VERY important to be vigilant about *any* change in behaviour – drinking more water than normal, unusual accidents in the house, hiding under furniture…. Often, these early signs of disease and injury are overlooked, and by the time we take notice, it’s too late to do anything.

And besides, isn’t it better to spend a bit of time and money at the vet now than spend even more time and money at the therapist’s office after it’s too late?

That being said, LP had an incident this week that had us sitting in a neurologist’s office all morning yesterday.

I think we’re up to four specialists now, in addition to her awesome Uncle Deji, who is her (awesome) vet GP.

Making friends everywhere, little one….


All seems to be well again, thank goodness, and we’re on a “watch her closely” protocol for the next few weeks.

And as long as I don’t give her *too many* kisses, I think that Lola Pug doesn’t mind the extra attention.

Well. Okay. Maybe she does. But that just means she’s back to normal again.

Love you, Pug.


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