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The Best Laid Plans of Pugs….

Lola Pug and I had an exciting weekend planned, full of adventure and inevitable stories to tell.

Then BAM!

Life happened.

So instead, we ended up spending a quiet weekend at home. Not a complete loss, though, because it gives us more time to hang out with each other and do important things. Like laundry.

Lola Pug is super awesome at helping me with laundry, especially when it comes to changing the sheets on the bed.

She is a careful and critical supervisor…


  …she gets right up in the action to make sure that every corner is tucked just right….


Okay. Perhaps she just gets all cozy and then falls asleep.

But when she does emerge from her cocoon of coze, she’s ready to take on the world.


Hm. Perhaps I am misreading her enthusiasm levels.


I think I know what we’ll be doing all day today.

Happy Sunday, all. Stay warm, stay safe and STAY COZY!


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Creature Comforts

We often have our Pug (and Golden Retriever) family come to visit us at Casa Lola, and this week, we are playing host to one of Lola Pug’s best buddies, the lovely and delightful Miss Merryweather.

It usually takes a few days for our guests (and us) to settle into a routine that works for everyone, but Merry has fit in with our daily life pretty quickly.

She even helps me when I sit down to get to work…


…yup… there is space for me somewhere on this chair…


…if I could just squeeze in a little bit more, Miss Merry…


…that’s about right.

Nothing like starting a Wednesday with a great big smile on my face.

Oh. And you can stay here forever, little one. Just so you know.



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Friends and Family

All of the “escaping to not-so-warmer climes” traveling that we have been doing recently has left Lola Pug and I a little bit worn out, so what better way to recharge than to hang out for a few days at home, and have family and friends over to visit.

The mood is, needless to say, casual and relaxed – VERY relaxed – at Casa Lola these days….


You met little Frankie a while back, when his now angel-sister, Bradie, had eye surgery. (nice tongue there, mister!)

But what of family?

Well, we are lucky to have LP’s big sister, Nelly, here with us for a few days.

And lest you think she felt left out of Lola Pug and Frankie’s little lap-fest, I can assure you, she didn’t…


Always a happy girl, that Nelly.

And with a little bit more sofa snoozing under our belts, we should be ready for some serious adventuring.

Or maybe some more naps!



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Lap Loaf

I always laugh (out loud) when people ask me what pugs “were bred to do”.

Among the MANY kinds of dogs in the world, we have herding dogs, scenthounds, sighthounds, guard dogs, retrieving dogs … so many dogs with so many amazing abilities.

Pugs, along with a few other fabulous breeds, were bred pretty much solely to be little companions and to keep their human’s lap warm. Yup. Lap dogs.

Lola Pug does her ancient breed proud. If I’m going to be honest, she shows traits of all of the above mentioned dogs, but she is most at home when on her mama’s lap.

So much at home, in fact, that we have taken to calling her “The Loaf” when she gets into Ultimate Lap Mode.

I present the Evolution of the Loaf….

Getting Cozy

Preparing for the Loaf Pan

Into the Loaf Pan

I don’t know why being aerodynamic plays such a huge role in her pug loaf pan comfort, but it’s all about what makes her happy, right?

Thanks for the impromptu history lesson, Pug. You do the ancient Emperors proud, little one.


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Extended Weekends


We are about as inert as inert gets.

From cccccold weather to warmer weather is always a bit of a pleasant shock to the system, but leaving behind the hustle and bustle also seems to bring on the need to nap a lot, and The Pug and I have certainly not been denying ourselves the nappage.

We might get up every now and then to eat, then we might have a wander around the yard, looking for little geckos or (gah!) centipedes…


Oh! Hai, pug!


But that’s been pretty much the full extent of our adventures so far.

Maybe something a bit more ambitious tomorrow.

Or not.

I don’t think Lola Pug minds all that much, to be honest. The more pug-like I become, the more naps she can squeeze in, so we all win – in the short run, at least.


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The Land Manatee

To say that Misty is an easy house guest is an understatement.

Now, Misty isn’t too well versed in the ways of small dogs, which means that Lola Pug has had to learn to stay out of the “Wag Zone” in order to keep her face in one piece – and my floor duster basically self-destructed when I tried to clean up the perpetual web of Golden Retriever hair – but those are pretty small adjustments for us to make, really.

Not always the most active dog, Misty likes to spend her days doing what older Goldens do best…

…napping on floors…

…napping while getting the Evil Pug Eye…

…napping on beds….

(The Pug got up to have a drink of water, so Misty made her move. I don’t even know how she got onto the bed – it’s as if she simply levitated onto it in her sleep, which actually wouldn’t surprise me.)

Hey. I don’t call her the Land Manatee for nothing.

Food, water, walks and lots of love.

Life sure is Golden, eh?


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Nanook of the Cozy Bed

No one resents weather quite like The Pug, and this latest (and first of the year) deep freeze that has hit us has been duly noted in HRH’s record book.

We finally got snow the other day, and since then, the mere suggestion of an outdoor excursion has been met with deep suspicion and disgust.

Oh, come ON, pug, your bladder is *really* only so big, and don’t you want to sniff around and see what’s happening outside?

Yah. I see your point.

Move over, bunny. I’m crawling in beside you.


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Office Pug

Working from home has it’s advantages (being able to write in my pajamas, hanging with the pug), and it’s disadvantages (never getting out of my pajamas, trying to take a business call while said pug is barking like a lunatic).

All in all, though, the pug and I rather enjoy each others company throughout the day.

…and it never hurts to have another set of eyes for those essential second opinions….

She’s busted when she starts snoring.

…or perhaps that’s simply editorial comment that I should pay closer attention to…..


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When Pugs Nap


She does this to me ALL THE TIME….

It’s like having three animals in one – a pug, a cat and a parrot.

(Truth be told, I think she does this so her butt can be closer to my face when she needs to … um … pass wind. I’m quite serious.)

I love you, my little monkey. Maybe even more so because you’re SO WEIRD.


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Griffie Party!

Good golly, we have really got to catch up on Lola’s weekend adventure with the Griffies!

Bentley and wee Clara (a ringer for Lola Pug, I tell you), have adept “will dance for treats” skills, which were on full display. They were bookended by Osgood and little Rocco in their efforts (Osgood, who might have too much sense, and Rocco, who, if I’m being brutally honest, simply might not comprehend).

Osgood, Clara, Bently, Rocco

Unsure as to how to react to such displays of dogginess (The Pug would NEVER knowingly perform tricks for treats), Lola resorted to snuffling the patio for cookie motes.

Rocco, perhaps not quite understanding the Griffie game, came to join his lifelong friend.

After the Griffies were done with their treats, and had finished their zoomies around the yard, we all retreated for a rest.

It seems that all of the excitement was too much for Osgood, who flaked on his Mum’s lap, and wouldn’t even wake up for kisses.

Lola and Bentley, sharing a common, more serious demeanour, seemed to bond (without touching each other – The Pug has her limits, you know)…

…and all were simply TOO flaked out to be very excited for the group shot before we left.

Clara, Osgood, Bentley, Lola and Rocco

Oh, Osgood and Lola Pug, you really look pooped.

We had SO much fun (the people did, at least), so we’re planning on another play date soon.

Poor Lola Pug wasn’t quite sure what to do with all of the competing cuteness, but she has since recovered well, and I am confident she will be happy to see her new buddies again at our next get-together.


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