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Marathon Pug

Despite my intentions to sit on my butt and eat croissants and chocolate as the marathoners passed by our home this morning, I found myself out with The Pug, cheering on the runners in their mad dash to the finish line (which was a long way off for them when they passed by Casa Lola).

I mean, what could be better for morale than seeing a PUG come out to cheer you on?


Ah. Yeah. Maybe not this pug.

She *did* bark at a few runners on our walk back home, so I take that as showing support. …although if I spoke fluent Pug, I would likely have heard something more along the lines of, “What! Are you people INSANE? Go back home and GO BACK TO BED!”

So much energy wasted, eh, Pug?

You’re right. Time for a nap, little one.

Too much excitement for one morning.


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