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What Has My Pug Named Me?

Humans most often rely on talking to communicate, and I talk to Lola all the time. Of course, I answer back for her in what I think is her voice.

I tell myself this makes her mental, because I’m either capturing her feelings perfectly, or I’m way off. Either way, I’m pretty sure I piss her off a lot of times.

And if you doubt me, remember THIS?


This meme has been making the rounds recently, and aside from making me laugh, it got me thinking…


…what does Lola Pug actually call me?

In my human brain, she refers to me as “Mama”. In her more demanding moods, she calls me “Monkey”. (referring to my inferior-to-pugs status as a primate, of course)

…but what is she *really* thinking?


And what names does YOUR pet call YOU?

Food for thought….




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Sunbeam Pug

Aside from the cooler temperatures, there really isn’t much that The Pug appreciates about winter anymore.

It gets TOO cold for her older little bones to handle, and then add in the slush and the salt and the wind and the tonnes of wet snow, and I have a very grumpy little soul on my hands.


The one thing winter does bring us, however (aside from relief from those 40 degree summer days), is Lola’s beloved sunbeam.

When I see the sunbeam come in the window, I pull out one of Lola’s beds, and position it just so before I call her over to let her know her winter bestie has arrived.


Someone wanted company in the sunbeam the other day, though, and she wouldn’t stay on her bed unless I was there with her, so I picked up my work and…

…well, I’ve had tea in worse places.

I think.


Snooze well, little one. Mama is right here beside you.




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10th Birthday Pug

I have been excited about this day for weeks now, which is odd, considering how much I dread Lola Pug getting older.

But today is a momentous day.

Today is the day that, ten years ago, this brilliant little light came into the world.

photo 2


The week ahead will be filled with all of the things that 10-year old Lola Pug loves most, so stay tuned for our exciting adventures! Well…our slightly subdued exciting adventures.

Happy Birthday, Baby Girl!


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Pride Pug

Lola Pug’s hometown has been pretty stoked for some time about hosting 2014 World Pride, and the glorious weekend is finally upon us.

The weather has been sunny and hot, which is great for (most of) the humans, but it’s not so great for the four-leggers, so Her Royal Highness has had to miss out on most of the fun. …which probably suits her just fine, really.

But we couldn’t miss out on the MOST fun part of Pride, could we?


I think she needs her own float. Maybe carried like the Queen that she is in a litter by some gorgeous celebrants….


Pugs are proof that being like everyone else is BOOOORING, so be proud of who you are and go into the world with grace and love, and grace and love will find you right back.

Love, Peace and HAPPY PRIDE to everyone in our city and around the world.




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Another Year…

…another promise broken.

I promised wee Lola that this year for her birthday, my treat to her would be to NOT dress her up in any outfits or costumes.



…I suck.

And The Pug tells me so at every opportunity.

Alas, the weather is wreaking havoc with us today, as well, and it’s not exactly Pug Perfect…


But have no fear. All is not lost for The Pug.

At Casa Lola, our birthday celebrations go on all week, so there are plenty of happy events in the works that we will be sharing with you in the days ahead.

And that’s a promise I can keep.

Happy Birthday, my little soul. You are my light in the world, wee one.


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Truer Words…

How much do I love you
I cannot say
Because I love you more and more
Each and every day


Happy Valentine’s Day!


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Missin’ Her Sistah

More and more these days, I let Lola decide where we go on our walks. “Pug’s Choice”, I call it. And we both love it.

Lo gets to hit up her favourite “pee-mail” spots, and I get to actually walk, as opposed to spending my entire time trying to convince Lola that she wants to move her legs.

Without fail, our evening strolls have taken us on a very specific route over the past couple of weeks. Pretty much every night (when it’s not raining), we find ourselves on a particular street, looking over at a particular door…


It warms my frozen heart to see how much The Pug has grown to love her sister, Nelly.

And I think we are *clearly* overdue for a play date.


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Hug Your Pug

With all of the sadness and loss over the past week – first Payton, and then little Rocco – we have been particularly smoochy on The Pug recently.

Okay. I’m the one who’s been super smoochy. Downright clingy, in fact.

The Man and I have spent the past few days doing a tiny bit of slacking on the work front, and going on little adventures based entirely on HRH’s favourite activities.

Spoiling her rotten? You bet.

Don’t forget to hug your pug. Today, and every day. A lot.

And by “Pug”, I mean anyone who means the world to you.


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