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Pugs and Sea Creatures

Ah, the start of a new year, and while some things change, some things stay the same (and thank goodness for that).

What do we have here?

Is it time for your dinner, pug?

It. Is. Time.

Not to taunt you and your overly sensitive belly, little one, but wanna see who we’re having over for dinner tonight?


She doesn’t really look all that impressed, I think.

...Extreme WTF Close Up...

I’m getting the sense that the pug’s distaste for wet things extends to creatures who live in wet places. …unless they are placed in kibble-format in her dinner bowl, of course.

Or maybe she’s telling us that fish are friends, not food.

Okay. We give. Tasty kibble it shall be.

Well – a belated Happy New Year to everyone, and we’re looking forward to a new year with new adventures ahead!


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