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Dogs and Cottages

Dogs and cottages are a pre-tty cool combination.

This past weekend, The Pug and I went visiting, and there were activities galore.

Lola’s buddies, Trigger and Tilly, adore cottage living and all of the stick-chasing, lake swimming and dirt rolling that comes along with it. And when Uncle Jim introduced them to the new game of “Splashy Face”, the fun just got amplified – for canines AND their people (“Splashy Face” went on for HOURS, people, HOURS!)….





And The Pug?

Well. You must already have figured out that she is not a “dog”, per se.

So what was she doing in the midst all of this frivolity?


…calling her lawyer, of course.

Honestly, Pug.


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Happy Canada Day

Requirements for long summer weekends in this household are: family, friends, cottaging and RELAXING!

Well. And beer. But that’s for people, not pugs.

From ours to yours, Happy Canada Day!


Celebrating in style, ladies. As always.


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How to Dry a Bichon

This pug-free post is courtesy of Madame’s abhorrence of all things water and rowdy-dog related.

In her place, Trigger the Bichon Frise demonstrates how to dry oneself after an autumnal dip in the lake.

But no drying session is complete without *completely* soaking a nearby human, right?

Thanks, Trigger.

I’m starting to appreciate Lola Pug’s dry nature more and more.


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The Three Amigos

Despite The Pug’s innate aversion to water and rowdiness, she loves to hang with her friends.

Tilly the Golden (who made her Lola Pug debut earlier this year) and Trigger the Bichon are two such friends. They are trouble with each other, but they respect Lola’s need for quiet lap time, and they don’t seem to be bothered by her disdain at their mucky, dog activities.

And every so often, I catch a quiet moment that has all three friends in the moment with each other….

Something tells me a duck has been spotted.

Your blood may be royal, but you can’t escape your inner dog, little pug.


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Dogs and Cottages… Pugs and Cottages….

Dogs and cottages.

Can you think of a happier combination?

There are LAKES to SWIM in… and STICKS to retrieve…


…and STICKS to TUG with your FRIENDS!

Or… If you are a pug…

…you can watch it all, reluctant, disgusted and confused, by the sidelines.

She wouldn’t even come onto the beach, she was so horrified by the “dogginess” that was taking place below.

Oh, pug.


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Pug Ahoy!

Autumn really is the most pleasant season, as far as the folks at Casa Lola are concerned.

We take every chance we can get to be outside, adventuring and cramming in all of the sun and warmth we can before the long, cold winter hits.

This year, we’ve been hitting up the lakes hard. Lola isn’t too thrilled about water or boats, so we thought we’d give her a chance to *really* get in on the action, and drive for a while…

…but that didn’t seem to maker her experience any better, really.

It wasn’t until we tied up at the dock and cracked open a couple of refreshing beverages that she really got into the boating thing.

So easy to make some creatures happy, yes?

We really are such simple souls in this household.


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Wordless Wednesday – Lake Edition


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A Birthday Fit for HRH

Pugs have always been favoured by royalty. For goodness sake, the breed was born to royalty – they originated in the Imperial courts of China thousands of years ago. Eventually smuggled out of Asia by Dutch traders, pugs were gifted to and preferred by the powerful House of Orange. Napoleon Bonaparte’s lover, Josephine, had a pug named Fortune. William Hogarth, Winston Churchill, and King Edward VIII, among others, were famously and unapologetically devoted to their snuffling, little companions.

Most well-known in the Western world, however, was the love and favour bestowed upon the pug by HRH Queen Victoria, who was not only the leader of the Commonwealth, but also founder of The Kennel Club.

It is only fitting that Lola have a weekend of celebration for the woman on her birthday.

Being a modern pug who is subject to the whims of her people, Lola must adapt and celebrate in her own way – unique to her times and her environment.

Ah, yes. 3,000 years of careful breeding and royal patronage leads to this:

Happy Victoria Day to all from the pug.


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