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Farmer’s Market Pug

A major source of late summer joy for me are farmer’s markets. Traveling, or at home – markets are so much fun.

An even bigger joy? Farmer’s markets that are local, preferably organic-ish and PUG FRIENDLY!


I mean, come on. Who could resist?

If you turn around from reading the sign, you can see where your produce comes from…


See what I mean? AWESOME!

But this is a pug blog, so what of HRH? Well, when we went here a few weeks ago, she wasn’t too impressed with the (amazing) beets and chard, but she sure was interested when she came across a random saddle pad in the apple orchard…


(please note her front, left leg – she is in FULL ON intense investigation sniffy mode here)

It would seem that the ultimate in puggie ambrosia is equine in nature, which I can’t argue with.


…or at least it was until someone else showed up on the scene….

(to be continued)


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