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Heat Wave Reprieve

This recent heat wave was just about sinking us.

It’s still better than 40 below, but 40 above (Celcius, people) isn’t anything to laugh at when you’re a pug.

It was all we could do just to get to the end of the block and sit to watch the traffic go by for amusement. (HRH was carried home, in case you’re wondering.)


And then, the weather radar showed us something that many of us were very much looking forward to….


Finally. Rain. And then some.

The Pug and I sat inside and watched the storm blow through our neighbourhood – windows wide open and hearts filled with hope.


Lola Pug has never shown such interest in life beyond our windows before.

It must have been the cool (relatively speaking) breeze coming in that made her reach out and give thanks to Mother Nature.


So, we could have done without the funnel clouds and the tree damage and the power outages, but for the moment, it’s cooler, and that’s what we here were really hoping for.

Now. Onto some ADVENTURES, little one!

…while the “cooler” temperatures last, at least. It *is* only July, after all.







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Heat Wave Pug

Although Big George Jr. is a valiant and sturdy member of our family at Casa Lola, he can really only do so much when the weather gets REALLY sticky.

(When did the term “Heat Wave” just become “Weather”? Thanks, global warming.)

So when the temperature in the bedroom starts to look like THIS…


…we migrate to the room that BG Jr. is living in. More for the pug than for me, to be honest. The poor Bean just can’t settle when it gets too hot, and being a pug, she has very few ways to cool herself down.

Someone (hint – it’s not me) sees this as a rather exciting, camping experience. She’s all set up with her water, her bonie, a cozy, cool place to rest, and her mama to snuggle with, should she so choose.

Even in the groggy, humid, very wee hours of the morning, she totally cracks me up.


Lucky pug?


Lucky mama?




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Wordless Wednesday – Melty Weather





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It’s Too Darn Hot


It’s hot and really humid here today.

It’s the kind of humid that opens up the pores of the earth and brings out all of those soaked-in smells that really are better left un-smelled. By humans, at least. Because I’m betting they’re dog-friendly smells.



See? It’s too hot even for the pugs to enjoy being outside for long.

Only the cicadas seem to be happy today, and even then, they might simply be screaming for mercy.

Okay. One more minute, littles, then it’s inside, to bask in the AC flow and gnaw on ice chips.

Stay cool, everyone!


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Sauce and Beans

The recent heatwave here has meant that The Pug has been getting very short walks at odd (and “cooler”) times of day. No play dates with friends, no adventures. No way to burn off all of that pug energy that lurks within.

Add the Summer Solstice into the mix, and I have a pug who is waking me up with the sun and the birds at 4:00am. …by jumping on my head and woo-woo’ing at me until I relent and drag my insanely exhausted carcass up to bring her outside.

When The Royal Schedule gets thrown off, it seems we all go a little bit out of whack.


Now that you are blissfully cone-free, Your Royal Highness, and thank goodness the heatwave is over, perhaps we can find a buddy for you to play with.

The Bean Train to Beanstown is fully loaded in the station, and the next stop is Saucymonkeytown. Woo! Woo! (indeed!)


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