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Old Friends… New Friends….

The short reprieve in our humid summer weather has seen Lola Pug and me out and about in the neighbourhood, taking advantage of all of the friendly canine socialising that the more humane temperatures bring.

We were able to wander a bit further afield the other day, so I brought Lola to a park across the road from a friend’s house.

While sitting and waiting (otherwise known as “stalking”, if I must be honest), Trevor the Golden wandered into the park. Now, Lola Pug has a hate-on for most unknown Goldens, which baffles me, as her cousin and one of her friends from puppy hood are Goldens, so I expected fireworks from her.

Nope. Trevor was an instant love match for LP, and they sat together in mindful happiness for quite some time, watching the world go by.


Have I mentioned that Trevor is 15 years old? And he’s amazingly calm. A true gentleman. No wonder Lola fell in love with him instantly. (Oh, and his face isn’t weird – he was simply basking in a very bright sunbeam)

Now, back to that “stalking” thing.

I saw my friend’s door open, and it was the moment I had been waiting for.


It’s time to leave the peace of your new oldest friend to go and get some PUPPY LOVE, babygirl!

At all of nine weeks old, this is our newest, and possibly cutest neighbour puppy….


Those EARS! Those BAGGY LEGS! Those Frenchie LIPS!

Wee Choco did not initially appreciate my moving in for puppy kisses…


…but he soon changed his mind, and came in for a good nose gnaw.


The sour milk and beer smell of puppy breath is intoxicating to me.

Not so much for Lola Pug.


It was next to impossible to get a semi-decent photo of the two of them together, mostly due to the frenetic puppy-ness of one of the involved parties…


…but all frenetic things must eventually rest and recharge, and the littlest man eventually fell asleep in his new mama’s arms.


Alas, Trevor had left the park when we were done meeting and greeting our newest neighbour, so Lola didn’t get a chance to commiserate with him on the way home.

In time, perhaps Choco and Lola Pug will become better friends. Until then, he’s going to have a whole lot of neighbourhood love pouring down on his little self.

There’s nothing quite like some old friends and some new friends to make a weekend perfect.






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Snowbird Pug

When winter’s wrath hits town, little delicate greenhouse flowers like LP and I move out. Fast.

We’re both seasoned travellers, and I have to say, it’s a joy to be able to travel with the little Bean. (If you have any questions about travelling with your small dog, you should read a post I wrote for the Montreal Dog Blog a while back – right here.)

Goodbye Polar Vortex…


…hello SUNSHINE!


One of the first things I do when we land is throw our bags to the side and immediately drag our bare tootsies outside where there’s no snow, no salt and absolutely no need for socks.

The pool is a source of eternal fascination for Lola Pug, even though she *hates* getting wet, so we have to go out and check for fish…or manatees…or perhaps merpugs.


But the fascination with the pool soon gives way to The Pug’s favourite activity (after eating), and the basking begins.


…and basically doesn’t stop…


…until the sun goes down.

Happiness is, indeed, a warm puppy.

I don’t know how I’m going to break it to her that we can’t escape winter forever (although I’m seriously reconsidering those logistics), so we’ll just enjoy life right now as we should – one moment – and one glorious sunbeam – at a time.



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Pug Buddies Meetup

There’s nothing quite so much fun as seeing long lost friends, so when the Pug Signal was sent out earlier this week, LP and I got our coats on and headed out to catch up with some of our favourite pugs and their people.

The Man of the Hour is always the dashing and handsome Mr. Winston Wilbur, and we were thrilled to see him there in his chariot…


…and his brother, Sam Cooper, of course. It’s simply not a party until Sam Cooper arrives.


Sam Cooper checked in on his brother when he wasn’t running all of the big dogs out of the party.


The irrepressible Dickens was there, as well. Just weeks away from celebrating his 12th birthday, he scoffed at any suggestions that he’s a senior citizen…


…but he might forgive you (and show you his toofers) if he thinks you might have treats.


Pugs in sweaters…


…naked pugs….


Little Gracie here seemed to be a bit alarmed at the number of pugs around her.


Even Lola Pug got a bit overwhelmed, but a marvellous start to 2014 was had by all, and we’re looking forward to seeing our friends again before too long.









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Halloween Dress Rehearsal

We had a get together with the Griffies a little while ago so that the humans and the dogs could catch up on things – in our own, unique ways, of course.

As Halloween is coming up, we thought we would test out a few costumes. Purely for the dogs, of course. Not at all so we could laugh hysterically while we drank mimosas in the sunshine.

So, Lola. What do you think of our first pick for you?


Um. Yah.

Something about the way she’s looking at me tells me this might be a miss.

Even Boz and Clara were kinda careful around her when she was dressed as a fierce shark.


Clara seemed to be pretty content dressed up as a hot dog, so we tried it out on Lola…


…with even less success here.

Oh, what to do, Pug.

Halloween is only a few days away, and you can bet your fuzzy, little monkeyboots we’re all dressing up here again this year.

Back to the closet for us!


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Ants in Your Pants

…or rather on your feet.

One of the best things about living near a great park system is our access to all things nature. Trees, rivers, bunnies and all things glorious to sniff.

Alas, nature also includes rather ferocious, biting ants.

Poor Bean got chomped on by a couple of nasties on her way out of the park yesterday, and the pain was obviously pretty intense.

Poor girl…


This has happened enough times, unfortunately, for me to know exactly what to do, so into the foot bath she goes, followed by a baking soda poultice. Add a lot of frantic pacing on her side, and some soothing and loving butt rubs from me, and the poultice eventually begins to work its magic.


A few kisses from mama, a good nap, some alone time, and she was as right as rain again.

Aw, baby.

Dumb ants.


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Old Friends, New Friends…

…small friends, BIG friends!

Lola Pug isn’t generally enamoured with larger dogs… to put it very mildly. There are a few exceptions to the rule, and these are usually big dogs who are super gentle, or who are in love with (or indifferent to) smaller dogs.

Lola Pug’s friend, Georgia, however, fits into a category all her own….


Georgia and Lola were born within weeks of each other. Back in their puppyhood, Georgia’s Mum and I would often get together to compare our bloody fingers and toes given to us by the teething sharks while the little offenders would wrestle and play.

Despite Georgia’s typical GSP bounciness, she and Lola Pug love each other, and they are always happy to see each other.

When Lola and I were invited to go over and see Georgia’s new home out of town, we just couldn’t say no to a reunion, so we packed up the car and headed out for a visit.


On arrival, as it was a warm summer day, the wading pool was brought out, and Georgia made full, happy use of it.


Lola Pug. Not so much.

But unbeknownst to us, Georgia had invited some friends over!

Thankfully, they were all as lovely and sweet as Georgia, herself, so a lovely afternoon was had by all.

Group shot!


Well. At least the GSP’s look happy.

A successful visit overall, though, and every good encounter with a big dog might help LP get over her issues, so thank you, GSP’s, and we look forward to seeing you again soon!


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Calling Your Bluff

Despite what they try to tell you, pugs cannot live on cuddles and kibble alone, so a few days ago, I suited the girls up, clipped them into their seatbelts, and took them off on a little adventure.

Yes, Lola. Merry gets your bed when she’s in the car. It’s all part of being a good host. Park your puffy lips of disapproval somewhere else, please. Well. Okay. They’re kinda cute. You can keep them.


I picked a place that would have LOTS of smells, and would be relatively stick-free for the sensitive eyeballs of the snorfelling, not-always-so-careful-when-surrounded-by-sharp-objects pugs.

Look, Girls!



Jeeze. Tough crowd.

Lola seemed to be more concerned about the warning signs of doom…


…but, really, there never was and never will be any chance of us even getting close to the edges of those cliffs.

Merry struck a pose, and was all provincially proud and beautiful with a field of white trilliums behind her…


All in all, although the walk was more of a meandering mosey than a hike, the girls were worn out from the adventures and the sniffing (and the pre-hike nail dremeling).


Despite the pugs trying to convince me that kibble and comfy beds are all they need, I know better.

There is nothing better than a happy, tired pug.

(And for those who will ask – Merryweather’s fashionable hoodie is by Ready to Wag London, and Lola Pug’s sweater was handmade with love by her late Grandma)


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Pineapple Express Pugs

“The Pineapple Express” sounds pretty great, doesn’t it? It sounds tasty. Sweet. Warm.

Well, it’s NOTHING like it sounds. It’s simply wet. Wetwetwet.

It’s been quite a while since we saw our West Coast pug friends, so we jumped at the chance to go to a pug gathering, despite the weather warnings.

Lucky for us, the Express held off for a bit, so we were able to see our buddies again, and have a rollicking, puggie time.

We met old friends…


…new friends…


…and even our buddy, Dickens, who has just celebrated his 11th birthday….


Being a public park, it wasn’t ALL pugs, of course. I’m a *total* sucker for Basset Hounds, so it was a real treat to meet this tennis ball obsessed girl…sweet lord, I mean LOOK AT HER BAGGY LEGS!


We were really looking forward to seeing Lola’s friend, Winston, again, but the weather wasn’t appropriate for a man of his nature, so he ended up staying at home in his cozy, warm bed.

We were very excited to meet Winston’s new brother, though. Here he comes…


The handsome and slightly camera shy Sam Cooper!

Sam Cooper came all the way from Midsouth Pug Rescue in Tennessee up to his perfect, new home in Vancouver, BC, and he couldn’t be happier!


Sam Cooper doesn’t seem to have much patience for larger dogs – a feeling that he and Lola Pug seem to share.

Sam Cooper and Lola Pug seemed to sense that our lucky spate of semi-decent weather was coming to an end…


…even little Meadow was bracing herself…


We should have been paying closer attention.

The heavens opened, and there was no staying dry, despite umbrellas and boots, so we ran back to the car, lead by a very unhappy Lola Pug.


Did I mention that she was unhappy about being so wet?


No worries, though. We got home, got dry and curled up in front of a lovely fire to dry off.

The fact that the sun came out (for the first time in over two weeks) that afternoon *almost* made up for the bone-soaking we got.

We can hardly wait to come back and see our buddies again – in the sunnier, dryer months!




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Going for walks in new locales means I have to keep my eyes open extra wide for things that might be Bad for The Pug.

Dead animals, wayward poop, litter, dropped food, and … stickums?


I often think that Lola looks a bit like a baby seal – not only because of her big, liquid eyes, but also because of her sleek, black coat that has – up to now – managed to repel most fauna that seeks to attach itself to her.


…not so the “stickums”.

I have no clue what these are, but they stuck to MY skin, too!


Legs, footpads, chin wattles, lips – even her NAILS! These suckers were stuck on with little hooks AND with sticky outer layers.

Not so good for your beautiful baby seal eyes, Bean, so until I figure out where these come from, your roadside snuffling is curtailed.

Being cruel to be kind comes with being a good mama, I guess.


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Extended Weekends


We are about as inert as inert gets.

From cccccold weather to warmer weather is always a bit of a pleasant shock to the system, but leaving behind the hustle and bustle also seems to bring on the need to nap a lot, and The Pug and I have certainly not been denying ourselves the nappage.

We might get up every now and then to eat, then we might have a wander around the yard, looking for little geckos or (gah!) centipedes…


Oh! Hai, pug!


But that’s been pretty much the full extent of our adventures so far.

Maybe something a bit more ambitious tomorrow.

Or not.

I don’t think Lola Pug minds all that much, to be honest. The more pug-like I become, the more naps she can squeeze in, so we all win – in the short run, at least.


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