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It Takes Two, Baby….

On the rare occasion, I am able to ignore the pug’s pleas for attention when I am working.

Knowing that she’s well fed, watered, walked and loved makes me able to better focus on my work during the daytime.

But it’s no fair when I get ganged up on.

Game over, human.

Dogs, 1 – Productivity, 0.



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Dog with a Schnoz

The Pug is a generally a tolerant host, but she isn’t really an enthusiastic host.

You might remember that Lola Pug has taken issue with Golden Retrievers. I can’t understand exactly why, but when she sees them on the street, and even when I say the words “Golden Retriever”, she flies into a sort of wide-eyed, foaming-mouth sort of rabid fit.

Now, Lola’s lifelong buddy, Tilly, is a GR, and I grew up in a household that still has one GR in it, so this reaction seems to be made up of a whole lot of irrational to me. But what better way to calm the beast of fear than by repeated exposure!

When Lola’s cousin, Misty, came for the weekend, The Pug really wasn’t impressed by this great, golden beast with the big nose and the way mellow attitude, but she put on her game face, and went with it.

In order to help Misty feel more at home, and to help her with her aging and sore hips, we went out and bought her a Golden-sized bed, along with bringing her favourite stuffy toys and food.

As soon as the bed hit the hardwood, Lola made sure Misty knew who the Queen of Casa Lola was. She also sent me the very clear message that I obviously have not been supplying her with enough beds. (More on how many beds HRH actually does have in another post, I think)

Much to my – and likely her – surprise, Misty and Lola are excellent housemates, and we actually ended up keeping our guest here for about a week longer than we had planned. She is, quite simply, a joy and delight to have around. Even Lola doesn’t have (much) of a problem with her being here. She likes her bed, at the very least.

And as Misty goes home, so her bed goes with her.

…or maybe we can keep her here just a little bit longer….

We’re all kind of getting rather used to having this sweet, shaggy beast around.


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The Three Amigos

Despite The Pug’s innate aversion to water and rowdiness, she loves to hang with her friends.

Tilly the Golden (who made her Lola Pug debut earlier this year) and Trigger the Bichon are two such friends. They are trouble with each other, but they respect Lola’s need for quiet lap time, and they don’t seem to be bothered by her disdain at their mucky, dog activities.

And every so often, I catch a quiet moment that has all three friends in the moment with each other….

Something tells me a duck has been spotted.

Your blood may be royal, but you can’t escape your inner dog, little pug.


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Dogs and Cottages… Pugs and Cottages….

Dogs and cottages.

Can you think of a happier combination?

There are LAKES to SWIM in… and STICKS to retrieve…


…and STICKS to TUG with your FRIENDS!

Or… If you are a pug…

…you can watch it all, reluctant, disgusted and confused, by the sidelines.

She wouldn’t even come onto the beach, she was so horrified by the “dogginess” that was taking place below.

Oh, pug.


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Making Peace

Tilly and Lola grew up together. They are old buddies who get excited when they see each other. Well – Tilly gets excited when she sees Lola.

Which is all a bit odd, you see, because for reasons that are deeply mysterious to me, at least, Lola has a slathering hate-on for Golden Retrievers.

Despite having one in her immediate family AND having one as a best friend, The Pug goes into a blind rage whenever she sees one on the street, and even the mention of the words “Golden Retriever” sends her into an angry barking frenzy.

I’m not kidding.

So what a surprise when we went to visit Tilly yesterday, and found not one, but TWO Goldens!

Tilly’s brother, Dash, had come to visit!

Perfect time to help The Pug out a bit with her social issues:

Tilly, Dash and Lola

Perhaps it is because Dash is just that – very dashing – and so very gentle. Perhaps it is because the three dogs teamed up to bark away imaginary raccoons all evening (sorry neighbours). Perhaps Lola is simply starved for male attention … but she seemed to be slowly reconciling herself to the fact that not ALL Goldens are terrible creatures…

By the end of the evening, in fact, Lola seemed to be quite taken with the gentle giant. So much so, that Tilly just kinda gave up, and moved over to the people for some attention and skritches.

Will wonders never cease.

Pug. How about we remember this beautiful moment the next time we pass a random Golden on the street, okay?

I would say our work here is done. At least for this weekend.


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