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Pugs and Geckos and … ?

If you’re starting to think that Lola Pug and I did absolutely *nothing* on our trip to the southern states, you take home the grand prize, my friend.

Lola did, eventually, discover the geckos, and was mesmerised by them – even when they were standing still.

We went down to the dock one morning to find something that was perhaps a bit bigger than a gecko had clearly been wandering through the garden the night before.

Our friend, Bassa, will know – is this an iguana trail?

Whatever this was – it was bigger than a pug!

After learning from Bassa that iguanas can break a dog’s leg with a swish of their tail, I’m kinda happy we never saw one up close.


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Ceci n’est pas un Pug

With new adventures come new creatures, and these little buddies are some of my favourite animals to see when traveling to warmer climes…


Aside from a youthful stare down with a neighbouring bearded dragon, Lola has been kept a bit distant from the world of lizards. I was hoping on this trip that we’d catch sight of a slow gecko, or even an Iguana, if we were lucky.

Alas, Gordon was doing his lizard-y best at pretending to be a rock, and his lack of movement (and the two panes of glass between them) meant that Lola Pug really didn’t register his creature-ness or take more than a passing interest in him.

Ah, well. Best she doesn’t take up gecko-chasing as a new sport.


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