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Chicago Style Pugs (aka The Food Post)

One does not go to Chicago to merely “see the sights”, although the sights are quite worth the visit, alone. But I have long understood that Chicago is also very important for it’s food.

We were slightly limited to patios that accepted dogs, and many patios do accept polite dogs in this city (how terribly civilised!!!), but that sure didn’t stop us from indulging.

To kick off our morning, we decided to stay in with the pugs, so the food came to us in the form of… mother of all things pug…



…doughnuts made for Godzilla, apparently.

Only on vacation, and only in Chicago?

You know how you say you’re “only going to have a little piece”? Yah. Well. That didn’t happen.

But humans cannot live on doughnuts, alone (or can they?), so we decided to attempt to walk off a bit of our collective sugar high, and we headed to a different part of town for lunch.

It was a perfect day, weather-wise, so there was a bit of a line up for the patio, but Daisy took that as her opportunity to work on her tan and recharge her solar batteries.



When we did make it in to the table, Lola Pug had a lot of questions for the waitstaff about the menu.



Donald seemed to be a bit distressed at the lack of pug-friendly snackies…



…while Daisy checked out her Dad’s sarsaparilla.



She was less than impressed, in case you were wondering.

Being a vegetarian, I simply ordered (blindly) whatever was labelled as vegetarian on the menu.

This dish of mushroomy goodness was a total winner – for veggies and meat eaters alike.



When this was put down in front of me, I was a bit confused.



I am not normally a Frito-eater, but I gamely opened the bag, stuck my fork in, and now I have a full comprehension of what a “walking taco” is all about.

Fritos, cheese, hot tomato sauce and green things.



Perhaps a snack best left to those late nights when you’re just coming home from the pub. Kind of the Chicago equivalent of a Nova Scotian donair, I suppose.

We continued on our way after lunch, exploring some really fun shops, visiting a great art fair and buying a few appropriate items for les chiens.

Lola Pug was kind enough to wear her tourist gear at dinner that evening – food related, of course!



While The Pug sat, despondent and exhausted on my lap, I dug into this…



Deep fried Wisconsin cheese curds with spicy ketchup.

I was deemed to be an honourary American when I reached over and dipped a cheese curd into Daisy’s Dad’s cheese sauce, which tickled me, but apparently wasn’t to sweet Daisy’s liking. Perhaps she’s upset that I didn’t share anything with her…



…or maybe she’s irked because this blog is supposed to be about PUGS, not FOOD!

Okay. Next post coming up. And it will be ALL about pugs, I promise.

Now. Time for a snack, I think.



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This Little Puggie Went to Market…

…even though this little puggie stayed home.

One of the highlights of our week here at Casa Lola is taking delivery of our organic farm box. Both The Pug and I jump up when we hear Mike drop off our box at the door, and from there on in, it’s like Christmas morning for the two of us.


As soon as I put the box down on the floor, Lola Pug is on it, eager for me to open it up and show her the goodies inside…


…my newest discovery and I-will-eat-these-on-anything obsession are these arugula greens, which rather intrigued Madame…


As expected from something that grew in the earth, the carrots provided a good source of sniffs…


…the potatoes, however, were slightly less interesting, which makes me think she’s trying to tell me something about my carb intake. (I trust the pug implicitly, you see)


We got back onto track with the gorgeous BC-grown apple, which was subjected to much sniffage and interest…


…and we ended up with a rather thorough inspection of the milk, which was, again, a bit of a surprise. Maybe she was dreaming of ice cream.


Now, The Pug doesn’t get any food other than her kibble, but this doesn’t stop her demands for more, and when dinnertime rolled around, there were expectations to meet.


And, as usual, I SO failed to meet her high standards.

But what she misses in taste exploration, she gets a thousand times over in love, travel, activity, medical care and mental stimulation, so there’s a pretty decent trade off. Or at least I think so.

Now. Eggs and arugula. Sounds like a match made in heaven. For me, Pug. For me.





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The Food Beast

Our little guest, Merry, is everything a pug should be – adorable, (REALLY adorable), smart, deeply funny, incredibly sweet natured, and completely food obsessed.

Despite having extremely limited vision (you can see she is down to one, cataract-y eye), she bravely makes her way around, and she *always* manages to be where the food is.

Alas, her strategies to get food out of me are all for naught, as Casa Lola is strictly a non-begging household. But that doesn’t stop Merryweather…


The tiny claws of pain were raking the flesh off my legs this morning. I need to remember to wear thicker long pants in the kitchen from now on.

Merry is interested in ALL kinds of food.

She’ll snorfle for kale salad…


…she’ll even come and see what I might be eating when I’m in the bath.


I actually wouldn’t put it past her to jump right into my mouth to retrieve whatever it is I might be chewing at that moment….


Yah. I’m a little besotted with Miss Merryweather, if you can’t tell.

I think that Lola Pug might have tried to tell Merry that I’m a party-pooper in the food department, but hope springs eternal with this one.


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