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Big Dog, Little Dog Farm Adventures

While Lola and I were cooling off (and scouting out some awesome garlic) in the curing barn, our newest tour guide was rounding the corner to show us a few more things.

Great Pyrenees running through green grass on a farm


Oh, HAI there, Logan!


Great Pyrenees happily coming up to say hi in the green grass


Lola isn’t always so great with bigger dogs, so we had a careful introduction…

Great Pyrenees and a small black pug sniff green leaves together


…but there were clearly too many more interesting things to do than be grumpy, so the new friends got down to important sniffing business…

Great Pyrenees and a small black pug sniff green leaves together


…and they actually seemed to hit it off quite well.

Great Pyrenees and a small black pug sniff green leaves together


The Pug and Logan had a good time exploring the greens and shrubbery, but before long, it was time to move on, so I scooped the little monkey up into my arms and we made our way into the gorgeous vegetable garden for a tour.

Vegetable garden on a farm in many different shades of lush green


We’ve got green beans and fresh peas (delicious when eaten right off the vine), and kale and more kale and…little fuzzy pods?

A woman's hands hold an immature, green chickpea, still in it's fuzzy pod


Seriously. I had NO IDEA that chickpeas grew like this. Where have I been living all these years?

Needless to say, Lola was getting REALLY bored with the vegetable tour, what with being unable to sniff anything or pee on anything, so we left the veggies in peace (with some in our bellies – the wonders of organic!), and walked past the fields of buckwheat to visit the largest resident ladies on the farm.

Closeup of two brown horses in an outside pen on a farm


I have always held a deep love for horses, but so much in life is a matter of perspective, and only now can I understand why Lola Pug might be less than impressed with them.

Close up of a brown horse from underneath


All teeth and nostrils does not exactly make for an immediate best friend, eh, pug?

Little black pug sitting on green grass looking confused and slightly derpy with her teeth sticking out




In search of more shade – and less horse – for The Pug, we happened upon a perfectly pug-sized picnic bench, where we cooled off (again) for a bit.

A happy, smiling little black pug sitting on a small picnic bench on a summer day on a farm


Logan had created an even better arrangement for himself, having dug out a Great Pyrenees-sized cooling cave to relax in.


A happy Great Pyrenees lies underneath a picnic table in the grass and dirt


Lola doesn’t do dirt, and she’s not one for nesting under tables, so a compromise was eventually reached, and the two new friends chilled out, and traded city/country stories, filled with raccoons and coyotes and chickens, no doubt.

A small black pug and a big Great Pyrenees relax on a lawn with big smiles on their faces


All in all, a rather glorious adventure that left us with sunkissed skin, baskets (and bellies) full of fantastic vegetables, and huge smiles on all of our faces.

And if you ever happen to find yourself in Ontario, and are lucky enough to be up in Muskoka on a Sunday in growing season, be sure to visit Jay’s Organic Vegetables at the Midland Farmer’s Market to check out his veggies – and the 16 (16!) types of organic garlic – that he grows.

Jay’s farm is Lola and Logan approved!





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Why Did The Pug Cross The Road?

…so where were we?


Up until this farm visit, the most intriguing thing about farms for Lola has been horse poop. Apparently, even to Princess Pugs, it is the most delectable smell (and taste – let’s not talk about that, please) on the planet.

The Man and I were wandering through the small orchard at the farm when someone caught Lola Pug’s eye…


…and her world was never the same again….


“Free Range” has nothing on this gal, let me tell you. Next time out, I’m getting there early enough to get some eggs, too.

But back to The Pug. Well. It took her a second to take in what she was seeing…


…and then it was as if every single primal neuron in her brain woke up and started firing at the same time…


…and her life’s purpose was revealed to her in a flash…


Lola Pug.

Chicken Hunter.


She made noises the likes of which I have never heard before.

Squeaky, primal pug noises.


The noises of a pug denied the hunt.

(I have a healthy respect for chickens, and I wasn’t about to let her torment this one. Especially since I suspected the chicken actually might be able to taker her on.)



When it came time to leave, a certain someone wanted none of it.

First, I wouldn’t let her hunt chickens – the clear and core reason for her being put on this earth. Then, I insisted that we go HOME?

She simply wouldn’t budge.

It took about three days of sulking before she got back to normal, and I still haven’t decided whether another chicken visit is a good idea, but something tells me I’m too much of a sucker for The Pug to deny her for long.



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Farmer’s Market Pug

A major source of late summer joy for me are farmer’s markets. Traveling, or at home – markets are so much fun.

An even bigger joy? Farmer’s markets that are local, preferably organic-ish and PUG FRIENDLY!


I mean, come on. Who could resist?

If you turn around from reading the sign, you can see where your produce comes from…


See what I mean? AWESOME!

But this is a pug blog, so what of HRH? Well, when we went here a few weeks ago, she wasn’t too impressed with the (amazing) beets and chard, but she sure was interested when she came across a random saddle pad in the apple orchard…


(please note her front, left leg – she is in FULL ON intense investigation sniffy mode here)

It would seem that the ultimate in puggie ambrosia is equine in nature, which I can’t argue with.


…or at least it was until someone else showed up on the scene….

(to be continued)


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