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Little Miss Earlybird

I think that a certain *someone* has been hoping that the early bird isn’t the only one who gets the worm, because the Little Miss has been waking me up at positively ungodly hours recently with her kibble demands.


Just in case something was wrong, and she didn’t feel well (she was being remarkably persistent), I took her outside, where she snuffled and huffled and had a decent, little bio-break.

…at 4:30am. In -11 degree weather. In the dark….


Was she put out that I plopped her right back into bed when we came back inside, instead of filling up her breakfast bowl?


I’d say that’s an affirmative.

I had to then spend the next day trying my best to be a fully-functional, intelligent and hard working human being, whereas someone else was able to spend her day recovering from her pre-dawn escapades.


…not that she was rubbing it in my face, or anything.

Honestly, Pug. You’re lucky I love you so much.





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How to Make a Monster

Let me start by saying that The Pug is an early riser, thanks to my work schedule in her puppyhood that had me up and alert waaaaaay before the sun even thought about making an appearance.

Thankfully, this is not the schedule I need to keep these days, but old habits die hard (or just never die), so I often find myself with a relentless, dancing pug on my face at the most inhumane of hours.

Well. To cut to the chase, I decided a few weeks ago that I would get more sleep if I brought her water bowl to bed so that neither of us would have to get up for her post-breakfast morning water break.

Yup. I brought the mountain to Mohammed.


…and now Mohammed has learned that I am the source of All Things Room Service, and I SWEAR she now “boofs” at the bowl beside the bed JUST for the thrill of watching me serve her water on command.

I’m brilliant.

Once again, outwitted by my pug.

I shudder to think what clever thing I’ll teach her next.


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Pug Time Zones

Often times, when I’m out walking with Lola, people will come up and ask me the craziest things about pugs.

Does she snore? (HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!)


Because we travel so much, we get a whole host of other questions, most of which are really great, but my favourite  is…

…Does she get jet lag?


HAhaaaaaaa. Oh, man, it’s too early to laugh. I might throw up.

Good grief, yes.

Emphatically YES.

YES a thousand times, YES.

At least no one is actually up at 4:18am to see me in my questionable dog walking attire.

Or ask me questions about pugs.


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