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Rooster Chinese New Year Pug!

Lola Pug is in a bit of a quiet period of her life right now, so we couldn’t celebrate Chinese New Year the way I had planned to, but we shall perhaps make up for that during her birthday week in March.

I mean – Lola IS a pug, which means her Chinese ancestors would be celebrating, plus, she’s a Rooster, for goodness sake!

So we had to do a *little* dressing up in between naps, right?



We’ve been having fun reading about the year ahead from Lainey’s mum, aka the Chinese Squawking Chicken… Lainey Gossip’s Year of the Rooster Predictions.

I’m apparently supposed to watch out for Lola P’s emotional well-being this year. I might have already missed the mark with the cheongsam, so I’ll clearly have to plan our celebrations wisely.

GUNG HAY FAT CHOY! and love to everyone, especially Roosters like Lola, out there!





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The Easter Puggie


And at Casa Lola, there’s only ONE thing to do on a holiday…



I love how into the spirit of things she gets.

But never fear, Pug, there’s *always* something in it for you, too.



Lola and I stick to the fun bits of most holidays, and for me, Easter is all about bunnies and chicks and chocolate and egg hunts and the promise of spring. So what’s not to love?

But back to the egg hunts.

The chocolate is for me, not for LP, so this morning, I thought someone would enjoy getting her breakfast in a slightly more fun way.

Eggs filled with kibble were hidden at pug eye level…





…and I set the pug bunny loose to see if she could sniff out her treats.



Lola Pug not only found the eggs, but she also very quickly figured out that stomping on them made them crack open and spill forth their breakfasty goodness.



Eight Easter eggs later…



Not only was breakfast served, but we had a total riot running around Casa Lola looking for eggs, hunting for spilled kibble and knocking all sorts of things over.



So perhaps the dressing up part isn’t so bad when you consider all of the fun that comes with it.



Happy Easter, Happy Passover and happy hunting to all of our friends today!


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Pugoween Halloween

What better way to celebrate Pugoween than with a new costume and a photoshoot.

Although I think someone might disagree with me…

lolapug.com little black pug in a green halloween witch costume with orange pumpkins


…I’m going to have to give her extra treats for this one, aren’t I?

lolapug.com little black pug in a green halloween witch costume with orange pumpkins


And just so you know that Lola Pug is not alone in her dress up fun, we will have not one, but TWO Pugalug Rescue Pugoween events to tell you about in our next post, and I promise there will be LOTS of photos, so stay tuned for more pugs in duds!

Happy Halloween to all of our friends, and please remember to keep your animal companions safely indoors and out of harm’s way on this spooky evening.


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Happy St. Pug-trick’s Day!

There is not one ounce of Irish blood in The Pug, and I am quite sure that having Irish friends doesn’t count me in very deep, either, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the day.

…and by “enjoy”, I mean “dress as many dogs up in silly hats as possible”….

Hey, Rocco! Good of you to have us over.

Sorry Barkley. Consider yourself to be collateral damage. …you just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time….

Well. At least Lola didn’t have to suffer alone.

Well. Many treats were given, and all in all, they came out mostly unscathed and very coddled and spoiled.

I am SO in trouble when the pugs take over the planet.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


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