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The Easter Puggie


And at Casa Lola, there’s only ONE thing to do on a holiday…



I love how into the spirit of things she gets.

But never fear, Pug, there’s *always* something in it for you, too.



Lola and I stick to the fun bits of most holidays, and for me, Easter is all about bunnies and chicks and chocolate and egg hunts and the promise of spring. So what’s not to love?

But back to the egg hunts.

The chocolate is for me, not for LP, so this morning, I thought someone would enjoy getting her breakfast in a slightly more fun way.

Eggs filled with kibble were hidden at pug eye level…





…and I set the pug bunny loose to see if she could sniff out her treats.



Lola Pug not only found the eggs, but she also very quickly figured out that stomping on them made them crack open and spill forth their breakfasty goodness.



Eight Easter eggs later…



Not only was breakfast served, but we had a total riot running around Casa Lola looking for eggs, hunting for spilled kibble and knocking all sorts of things over.



So perhaps the dressing up part isn’t so bad when you consider all of the fun that comes with it.



Happy Easter, Happy Passover and happy hunting to all of our friends today!


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The Dynamic Halloween Duo

Lola Pug has many, many Halloween costumes in her closet, and I always have a whole lot of fun picking out which one she’ll wear for the spooky evening.

That all being said, when we heard that her buddy, Boss, (he’s all grown up now) was going as the Dark Knight, I couldn’t help but add one more costume to her collection – retro style, of course…


Not that HRH would be a sidekick for just *anyone*, but perhaps just this one time, and perhaps just for Boss dawg.

Happy Halloween, all!

Stay safe and stay SPOOOOKY!


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Halloween Dress Rehearsal

We had a get together with the Griffies a little while ago so that the humans and the dogs could catch up on things – in our own, unique ways, of course.

As Halloween is coming up, we thought we would test out a few costumes. Purely for the dogs, of course. Not at all so we could laugh hysterically while we drank mimosas in the sunshine.

So, Lola. What do you think of our first pick for you?


Um. Yah.

Something about the way she’s looking at me tells me this might be a miss.

Even Boz and Clara were kinda careful around her when she was dressed as a fierce shark.


Clara seemed to be pretty content dressed up as a hot dog, so we tried it out on Lola…


…with even less success here.

Oh, what to do, Pug.

Halloween is only a few days away, and you can bet your fuzzy, little monkeyboots we’re all dressing up here again this year.

Back to the closet for us!


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If you follow Lola Pug on Twitter, you might have noticed that she had a bit of a play date yesterday. And she wasn’t exactly thrilled with the situation she found herself in.

But I was!

You might remember last year about this time, we had a play date with The Griffies. Well, it was time for a reunite, so let’s see how they’re doing!

Pretty Miss Clara was dressed up for the occasion. It’s always a delight to see this little angel.


She hovered up high, keeping an eye on the action below….


Osgood was in a cranky mood, so he was “Osbad” for the day, but everyone has a bad day, so no worries, little man. (it was kinda overwhelming, so no hard feelings on this end)


And Bentley, being the patient therapy dog that he is, of course had to suffer the most humiliation at the hands of his mama…


Add in the two little ones, and we have an even BIGGER dog rock band this year!

Murphy, Bentley, Bosco, Osgood, Miss Clara

Yah. That’s Bosco in the background, looking all Iggy Pop and all.

And Lola Pug?

As if.

She’s a solo act, lambies. She makes it quite clear that doesn’t share the spotlight.


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