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Little Dog Party

Lola Pug and I have been pretty quiet for the past few weeks. Spring is trying it’s best to …spring… this year… Oh, that’s not true. It’s not trying at all. Life has been pretty grey and cool and wet around Casa Lola. Very uninspiring and kinda depressing, to be honest.

In my continually vain attempt to keep HRH amused, I thought she might enjoy a visit to see her Griffy friends (aka The Fuppies). Well, it turned out that The Fuppies were already having a casual party, of sorts, so the more the merrier!

Well. I guess that depends on what your idea of “merry” is.



Little Murphy – always in love with Lola Pug, even though the feelings have never been even remotely returned – sat watching the craziness with her pug friend for a while.



Everyone was having a whale of a time on the other sofa. So much so, that the humans decided it would be great to get all of the canines present together for a photo.

Let me introduce you to The Little Dog Gang… Leo, the Shih Tzu, Barkley, the Cutiepie, you know Murphy and Bosco, the Brussels Griffons, of course, and who is that in between the Griffies there? You see her – the really happy looking one…









I would like to think that Lola Pug simply loves to look at the camera, but I’m pretty sure that’s not quite what was happening here.

In fact, I think I might be making up for this transgression for quite some time to come.

Lola Pug. At a party. For DOGS!?!

Better go and read my Pug Parent Manual again.

In the meantime – COME ON, SPRING! I mean – really. If I don’t get some good adventures lined up for HRH, I’m going to be in some SERIOUS trouble pretty soon!

Until next week!


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Happy Birthday, My Little Pug Overlord

Seven years ago today, the cosmos shifted ever so slightly, and the Tiny Bean was unleashed into the world.

Boss of All Big Dogs, Queen of Cut-Eye, Ruler of Me, Lola Pug was born with a BIG personality, and she just keeps getting more amazing as the years pass.

Baby Queen of the Cut-Eye

My life has certainly been filled with more awesome thanks to her being on the planet, and I’m pretty sure she means a lot to a few other people, too.

But today, she’s all mine, and we have some serious sofa napping to get down with.

Happy Birthday, Little One.


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Hide and Sulk

Hm. I was sure The Pug came with us when we all left the room…

…oh…I see…

…I think it might be time to go home.


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