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Canada Day 2016!

A good friend reminded me of this Lolapug.com post from 2013, and I love it so much, I had to repost it today.

I mean – there’s really nothing more Canadian than celebrating our own day on a dock up in cottage country, right?


As a friend of Lola Pug’s so aptly says, “Dignity. Dignity above all”.


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Family Cottage Time

What do you get when you have two independent, attention-loving pugs living (temporarily) in the same household?

Well, the one thing that you DON’T get is a good photo of both of them together, that’s for sure.

You’d think that the fresh air up north would be enough to break down their barriers, but, no. There can be only one. Apparently.

That’s quite the pout back there, Lola Pug….

Rox on Rocks by Dock

Oh. Nice, Roxy.


Ah, family.

You can love ’em, but that doesn’t mean you have to share the spotlight – or anything, for that matter – with them.

That’s family, Casa-Lola style, at least.


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