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Shark Week Pug

I have long held a deep respect and fascination (and a healthy fear) of sharks. I own a few shark documentary DVD’s, as well as a couple of books about the creatures. I also am terrified of swimming in sharky-waters, but that’s not why we’re here today.

In honour of Shark Week (whatever that actually is), I have gone into the Lola Pug photo vaults back to around this time last year when we got together with The Griffies to celebrate…sharks?



Well, Lola Pug, for one, was not impressed, and Clara and Bosco, although curious, seemed to be giving her a bit of space to get used to her transformation.

Good shark face, though, little one.



And I’m sorry, Roxy, you’re simply WAY too cute to be a menacing shark.

With the help of his human, Bentley tried his best to put on a scary face.



…opposite effect, dude.

So Bentley and Clara tried their hand at being table sharks, instead.



…while Osgood took the wise path, and hid.



…or he was pretending to be a crocodile, it’s hard to say.

So, Happy Shark Week (can we have Octopus Week next?) to everyone, I guess, and remember… It’s better to be a shark…

Shark Pug


…than it is to be a hotdog.



So sayeth The Pug.


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Lola (The Pug)

It’s good to know that I’m not the only one who has to remind myself every so often…

Dog? DOG? Don't you know who I am???


I might have to ask them to make a few modifications to her title, though.

Pugs are not mere dogs.

Clearly, they have never met her in person.


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Santa’s Helpers

When you have pugs and a sense of humour (the two kinda go hand in hand, don’t they?), the Christmas season truly is the season that just keeps on giving.

Lola’s cousin, Roxy, is with us for a little bit while her family travels for the holidays, and I couldn’t be more excited about her visit.

Seeing as Lola Pug didn’t really enjoy her photo with Santa all that much – and Nelly seemed a bit shocked at the whole thing – I decided to enlist Roxy’s help to help us all get into the holiday spirit.

Lola was patient, but somewhat skeptical…


…whereas I think I might have just traumatised Roxy to the point of needing a canine therapist.


Is it the hat, or the suggestion that you might have been naughty, Rox?

Either way. At least the girls are bonded in their (fresh) dread of Christmas at Casa Lola.


Don’t you worry, girls. The gifts are coming up really soon, and you two are going to be spoiled rotten, I promise you.

Pugs are truly the gift in my life that keeps on giving.


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The Apple of my Eye

I see a patient file, a bottle of anaesthetic drops and a cone undone… this can only mean ONE THING!






Two eyeballs!

Have you ever felt SO relieved, you thought you’d throw up?

I mean – I know this isn’t a life-threatening thing, per se, but there is something to be said for quality-of-life-threatening, y’know? (not that losing one – or both eyes – has EVER, really slowed a pug down)

Lola Pug’s injured eye is healing “exceptionally well”, so keep doing what you do, little Pug.


She must be feeling better…



…not 10 minutes of having her eye opened, and she’s back into the mama Stink Eye.

Nice, little one, nice.


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December the First

Someone can’t believe her eye!



No one has made a kibble advent calendar yet?

Sorry, Pug. No chocolate pour vous.

Something tells me a good ear skritching might go over even better with you, anyway.


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The Stalker

We’ve been quiet on the blogging front recently, ’cause there really hasn’t been too much action or fun around here recently. HRH is either grumpy or depressed these days, and it’s truly a special day if I can even get her interested in a longer walk of any sort.

This doesn’t mean, of course, that she’s stopped being totally hilarious.

Witness evidence of our recent “walk”…


…all the way down the hallway to her buddy, Boss‘s door.

She plops herself down in front of his home, willing him to come out.

Thing is…sometimes he actually does come out.

And so, the pug continues to learn that stalking sometimes actually pays off.

Way to go, me.

Now. About that WALK, little pug….


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Cone Head … Continued

Yup. We’re still here.

Still stuck in a cone.


It’s hard for LP when she can’t chase balls, lick my face, or play with her friends (they’re all terrified of her cone, so they keep a good distance from her, poor bean).

Heck, she can’t even eat or drink water without my lifting the bowl up for her.

But perhaps this time of rest and contemplation is good for her puggie soul, because, really, she is a lucky little girl.


I like to think that she’s using her extra energy to heal her eye, but I rather suspect she’s actually carefully plotting out how she’s going to wreak havoc when she’s finally cone-free again.

Keep healing, bubbah, keep healing!


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I’ve Got My Eye On You….

Sometimes I have to feel like a terrible pug mum in order to be an awesome pug mum, and this past week has certainly been *filled* with those moments.


There is what we hope is a rapidly healing eyeball under there, so paws crossed we’ll be cone-free by the new year.

Oh, you pugs and your eyeballs….



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The Cone

Someone is getting tired of her cone…


…I can’t really blame her. I’m tired of it, too.

It has been pointed out to me that the cone works to amplify her glare.

As long as it doesn’t help manifest the laser beams she’s clearly trying to shoot at me from her eyes, I think I’ll be okay.

Soon, baby, soon.




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As If There Was Ever Any Doubt…

…as to who the brains of this operation really is….


You really can be so creepy sometimes, Pug.


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