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Stanley the Christmas Visitor

Stanley and Lo are lifelong buddies. Both are beloved only children, both love their personal space, and both are little weirdos. A perfect pair, right?

Aside from her cousin Roxy, Stan is the only visitor who LP tolerates having in her space for longer than a few minutes, so when he came to stay with us over Christmas again this year, he fit in perfectly.

Seniors take lots of naps, so there was a lot of snoozing…


…interrupted by a few adventures to visit Hanna, our favourite pet supply shop owner (and treat giver)….


No holiday is complete without a gift to open on Christmas morning, so I bought Stanley some special snacks to open on Christmas Day. Stan is a bit of a picky eater, so I was worried he wouldn’t like them, but I was a deeply mistaken.

I think that I shall never see a Stan as sad as this Stan can be….

Stan’s stay with us involved lots of begging for snacks (he’s not subtle), lots of napping and love, and lots of waiting for his beloved Dad to get home.

And the obligatory formal family photo, of course. (The price of admission to Casa Lola is usually the humiliation of posing for a seasonal photo or two)



Lifelong buddies and gorgeous old souls.

Now onto our 2017 adventures, friends!




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Merry Christmas Pug

From all of us at Casa Lola, we wish you peace and joy and the Merriest Christmas!



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Pug New Year Adventures!

Wow, what a year 2014 was for us at Casa Lola.

Lola Pug and I both needed a good, long break over the holidays, and with the little one finally getting medical clearance to fly again, we have friends and family and far away places on our minds.

Up into the air we go, and off to a place that Lola and I both know well and love to visit…


…someone is never impressed with the weather out here, though….


Yah, honey – it rains here. A lot. But we flew such a long way, and we need to go outside in order to see our friends!


We finally got out and about, but a certain someone *clearly* wasn’t very impressed with me – or with our first destination.


But we didn’t come out all this way just to walk by ourselves! I clearly needed to get our social plans in gear before HRH called a mutiny on my butt, so it was time to call in the Big Guns.

We have so many very dear friends out this way, but the first chap on our visiting list was our long time friend, Sir Winston Wilbur…


…and his amazing little brother, Sam Cooper.


The dog park we went to is a busy one, and we always seem to meet new friends to hang out with. Jazz here joined us with some leftover Christmas spirit to share….


His little brother, Blue, took the holiday spirit a whole step further with his hilarious reindeer coat. Blue has magical powers, apparently, as the usual boss of all dogs in the park, Sam Cooper, fell in LOVE with him. Sam Cooper basically turned all of his attention to this little face instead of chasing the bigger dogs around.


The weather really was entirely trying to give us pneumonia, and Lola Pug and I have slightly thinner blood than the folks out here, so the coastal cold chills us a bit deeper. We had a quick run around and catch up and then bundled the boys into their chariot.


Lola and I bundled our shivering selves up and headed back to the car where we could crank the heat up and then head home to get ready for our next adventures.


…and adventures we are having.

We can hardly wait to share them with you, so don’t go too far!

The Pug is taking 2015 by storm, so watch out friends and family – you’re on our visit list this year!



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Pug Claus 2014

Lola Pug and I are BIG fans of Christmas, so around this time of year, we absolutely MUST head down to meet Mr. Claus, himself, when he comes into town.

Fortunately for us, Santa has a soft spot for rescue dogs, so he made a special visit this year to the annual Pugalug Pug Rescue Pug Claus celebration.

So many pugs came out to meet Santa and spend the afternoon showing off their festive outfits, all while raising much needed funds for pug rescue.

This little guy is a rescue from a few years back – can you even stand how well he rocks that bow tie and suit?!? (and how about that cool shirt on his dad!)


Remember this little charmer from last month’s Pugoween event? (Hint: She was the taco!) She’s grown a bit since then, and clearly I can’t stay away from her gorgeousness. The camera loves her, no?


Lola’s somehow actual relative (we’ll say he’s a cousin), Higgins, was there with his people. He was looking stately and handsome, despite his people’s best attempt to make him look jolly and festive.


…the happiness…the cuteness….


Josephine was all-eyes on her mama, Mrs. Claus…


I would have just handed her all of the sardine snacks in my hand…proof that her mama clearly has WAY more willpower than I do.



But as fun as it is to mingle and socialise, the Man of the Hour was upstairs, and in a rare moment of excitement and affection, Lola welcomed Santa with a BIG and clearly welcomed kiss…


…and then proceeded to whisper all of her hopes and dreams for Christmas and the New Year into his ear.


The pug who is usually Little Miss Wriggles in anyone else’s arms was as comfy as anything in Santa’s lap.

He’s kind of a special dude that way, I guess.


We had such a fun time, and all funds raised are headed to help pugs like little Blossom here find love and health and a brand new life. If you’re looking to donate to a great cause this holiday season, I highly recommend Pugalug, by the way. They are a group of amazing, experienced and committed rescuers, and they are 100% volunteer.

Friends, family, love and giving back. What more could Christmas possibly be about?


Thank you to Steven Chung for the gorgeous formal Santa portrait at the end of the blog post!


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New Years Resolutions

Christmas and New Years are always a busy time, and it’s a time that Lola Pug and I typically love. I mean – food, friends, family and lots of gifts to wrap and unwrap – what’s not to love?

Now that 2014 has descended, it’s time to start working on those new years resolutions. I think The Pug has a few, and they would pretty much all involve being even more of what her fabulous self is already made of.

Isn’t that so, Pug?


Ah. I see. Still needing a few more days to recover, eh?



Well. We’ve clearly already got the “napping more” resolution aced.

Happy 2014, everyone!

Lots of love and best wishes to our human, canine, feline (and all other) friends. We wish you health, love and lots and lots of very snuggly naps in the year ahead.



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Christmas Pug Wishes

Well, our trees have been put up and decorated, our presents have been bought and (mostly) wrapped, and the baking is all done.

The Pug has had her seasonal bath (“Seasonal” might be another way of saying “I dropped some Thai dipping sauce on her fur and I can’t get it out.” …Or it might not….) so I say let the lounging and eating BEGIN!


Lola Pug and I wish you love and happiness and lots of awesome butt skritches this holiday.

And to our friends and family on the ice-storm stricken, eastern side of Canada, stay warm and stay safe.



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Christmas Pug Elf

We’re pretty stoked about Christmas here at Casa Lola. There’s a lot to do before the big day comes, though, including heading over to Lola’s Grandpa’s place to put up his tree.

So I leave Lola Pug alone for two minutes, and what do I come back to find her doing?

Supervising, of course.


If there ever was a job that pugs were born to do, it’s supervise the work of other people.

That being said, she’s pretty good at encouraging good work on the part of her willing slaves.


A few more chores, and we can get into full-on holiday mode, which basically involves doing nothing but eating and snoozing on the sofa in our jammies. Hm. Sounds like a couple of other things that pugs were most definitely born to do.

Does that mean that *every* day is Christmas Day to the lucky pugs?

The countdown is on!


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Boxing Day Recap

Here in Canada, the day after Christmas is called Boxing Day, and historical explanation and significance aside, it’s typically a day of big shopping sales and (for me) even bigger relaxation.

Thank GOD we have Roxy here to show us how it’s done…



That’s pretty much what everyone here at Casa Lola looked like yesterday.

Perhaps we can stretch this out a little bit longer….


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Santa’s Helpers

When you have pugs and a sense of humour (the two kinda go hand in hand, don’t they?), the Christmas season truly is the season that just keeps on giving.

Lola’s cousin, Roxy, is with us for a little bit while her family travels for the holidays, and I couldn’t be more excited about her visit.

Seeing as Lola Pug didn’t really enjoy her photo with Santa all that much – and Nelly seemed a bit shocked at the whole thing – I decided to enlist Roxy’s help to help us all get into the holiday spirit.

Lola was patient, but somewhat skeptical…


…whereas I think I might have just traumatised Roxy to the point of needing a canine therapist.


Is it the hat, or the suggestion that you might have been naughty, Rox?

Either way. At least the girls are bonded in their (fresh) dread of Christmas at Casa Lola.


Don’t you worry, girls. The gifts are coming up really soon, and you two are going to be spoiled rotten, I promise you.

Pugs are truly the gift in my life that keeps on giving.


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Christmas is Coming!

Ever since I was a kid, Christmas has been Kind Of a Big Deal in my world. Even in years when it’s been harder to celebrate, there is always an extra element of warmth and joy that Christmas brings to my little heart.

The season is made even better when The Pug and I can celebrate with family.

We have a super-special Christmas planned this year, and we begin it by celebrating with Lola’s sister, Nelly…


…who doesn’t look too thrilled at meeting The Fat Man, himself.

Perhaps Lola Pug (who has met Santa many times before) might feel a bit more in the festive mood….



I might have my work cut out for me this year.

No worries. There’s more ahead for you, little pug. If Nelly isn’t so into it, I know a family member who might be….




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