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Christmas Pug Elf

We’re pretty stoked about Christmas here at Casa Lola. There’s a lot to do before the big day comes, though, including heading over to Lola’s Grandpa’s place to put up his tree.

So I leave Lola Pug alone for two minutes, and what do I come back to find her doing?

Supervising, of course.


If there ever was a job that pugs were born to do, it’s supervise the work of other people.

That being said, she’s pretty good at encouraging good work on the part of her willing slaves.


A few more chores, and we can get into full-on holiday mode, which basically involves doing nothing but eating and snoozing on the sofa in our jammies. Hm. Sounds like a couple of other things that pugs were most definitely born to do.

Does that mean that *every* day is Christmas Day to the lucky pugs?

The countdown is on!


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