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Pug in Her Bag

I feel lucky that The Pug turned out to be a smaller-sized gal, because it makes traveling with her a relatively easy proposition.

Lola Pug has a special airline bag for under-seat air travel (and seething), but she also has a couple of what we refer to as couchettes, for when the walks are too long for her 8″ legs.

(I just measured her legs now, and she wasn’t very impressed with me).

Lola Pug simply *adores* her couchettes, which is beyond fantastic, as this allows us to go on long adventures without worrying about overextending the little dear.

This also allows us to sneak into a few places that don’t formally welcome dogs….

Seriously. If you saw this face in your store, could you do anything BUT melt on the spot?

Pug on her feet? Adorable.

Pug in her Bag? Irresistible.

Such is the Power of The Pug.


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