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Sharing the Love

When we went over to see the Griffies last weekend, we had a mini Halloween party. We came with costumes, and left with bellies aching from laughing so hard.

Lola Pug’s Pug o War costume was SUCH a hit, that we had to see how the stateliest, most composed of the Griffies would look in it, so Bentley was corralled and suited up.


Apparently, this little work of art (it truly is an amazing piece of costuming craftsmanship) has the power of paralysis, as well…


This truly is the costume that just keeps giving.

Despite Bentley’s quiet protest at wearing it, I think he looks incredibly noble and majestic.

…and grumpy.



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Playground Supervisor

Yes, Lola Pug actually was at the play date on the weekend – just to answer a few people who questioned her actual presence at the event.

In case you were wondering what Lola Pug actually does at a play date, I offer you this…


Yup. She sits with me, and supervises the activities of the “dogs”.

She really and truly has no clue that she is one of them.

As long as she still plays with her pug buddies now and then, I’m totally cool with that.

Thanks to Michele (Griffy Mum Extraordinaire!) for the photo.


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If you follow Lola Pug on Twitter, you might have noticed that she had a bit of a play date yesterday. And she wasn’t exactly thrilled with the situation she found herself in.

But I was!

You might remember last year about this time, we had a play date with The Griffies. Well, it was time for a reunite, so let’s see how they’re doing!

Pretty Miss Clara was dressed up for the occasion. It’s always a delight to see this little angel.


She hovered up high, keeping an eye on the action below….


Osgood was in a cranky mood, so he was “Osbad” for the day, but everyone has a bad day, so no worries, little man. (it was kinda overwhelming, so no hard feelings on this end)


And Bentley, being the patient therapy dog that he is, of course had to suffer the most humiliation at the hands of his mama…


Add in the two little ones, and we have an even BIGGER dog rock band this year!

Murphy, Bentley, Bosco, Osgood, Miss Clara

Yah. That’s Bosco in the background, looking all Iggy Pop and all.

And Lola Pug?

As if.

She’s a solo act, lambies. She makes it quite clear that doesn’t share the spotlight.


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New Friends, New Family

The Pug really isn’t a huge fan of puppies, which is hilarious to me, considering that she was one of the wilder little whippersnappers I have ever known.

I need to confess that Lola Pug and I had quite literally just deplaned from a long trip when I packed her up again and dragged her over to meet one of our newest extended family members. I really do think that her behaviour was exemplary, especially considering that she was jet-lagged and hungry.

That being said, I would like to introduce you to Lola’s newest admirer and (future) BFF… 10-week old Bosco the Brussels Griffon.

Bosco really was VERY smitten with our Lola Pug…


…he followed her everywhere… did everything she did…


…she even acknowledged him in a non-snarly way at least once during the visit….


I think that Lola Pug was a little overwhelmed by the attention. And I don’t think she minded in the least bit, which was *shocking* to me.

And so – a great love is (maybe) born.

More formal introductions to follow, of course. Bosco’s little sister, you see, is also in the house, and we cannot WAIT to have you meet the two of them.


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Goodbye, Little Rocco

Rocco Kamiliotis 2008-2012

Rocco, you have left us breathless and in shock, and it’s hard to believe we won’t see your happy, little face again.

We never imagined we could lose you so soon. Your innocence and joy in life was unparallelled, and we will miss you so very much.

Rocco and Lola Pug, March 2012

You were a lover first and foremost, but you showed us all how brave you were, and how hard you could fight.

With your Mum at your side, you tried your hardest. You know how much she loved you.

In the end, you needed to rest.

Rocco K

May you find your new home filled with pillows to push, friends to play zoomies with, and overflowing with bowls of chicken treats.

Lola’s Grandma Su has a special place on her lap for you, and Gracie is eagerly waiting to play up a storm with you.

Until we see you again.

Rest in Peace, little man.


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Happy St. Pug-trick’s Day!

There is not one ounce of Irish blood in The Pug, and I am quite sure that having Irish friends doesn’t count me in very deep, either, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the day.

…and by “enjoy”, I mean “dress as many dogs up in silly hats as possible”….

Hey, Rocco! Good of you to have us over.

Sorry Barkley. Consider yourself to be collateral damage. …you just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time….

Well. At least Lola didn’t have to suffer alone.

Well. Many treats were given, and all in all, they came out mostly unscathed and very coddled and spoiled.

I am SO in trouble when the pugs take over the planet.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


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Pogo Pug – All Hail the Seniors!

Lola’s new friend was a little bit … active. He just wouldn’t stop running around and playing, and he proved to be a difficult subject to take photos of.

Lola, Rocco and Pogo (okay, mostly Rocco and Pogo) played and played and played until I got tired, and decided it was time for ME to have a nap.


Pogo slowed down enough to let me take a decent photo of him…

People. Pogo is ELEVEN YEARS OLD!

All hail the seniors! Outrunning, outplaying and outlasting the whippersnappers, INDEED!


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The Visitor

As Lola Pug is an only child, I often arrange for play dates with her friends, just so she can get her dog on with her fellow canines.

Every so often, the opportunity to meet a new buddy comes along, and I jump at the chance. Socialisation never ends for people or dogs!

So when I heard that a new “friendly” was coming over to visit Rocco’s house, Lola Pug and I booted on over to meet him.

He certainly left quite the first impression on The Pug when we walked in the door…

…Rocco…you seem to have a similar opinion to Lola Pug…

Goodness, you two – what on earth is up?

…um…okay…I’m starting to see what you’re up against here…

Who could this creature BE?




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Pugjama Party

Lola Pug’s friends from Southern Fried Pugs, down in the US, recently sent us the most amazing PUGjamas to keep the Royal Pug Butt warm and cozy through the winter months.

Now, The Pug might hoard her toys, but she loves to share her fashion, so we had custom jamas made for Lola Pug’s friend, Rocco, too!

The cold weather these days has driven us indoors, so what better time to get together and have a pugjama party than a cold, January night.

I suppose they didn’t much appreciate the peals of laughter that filled the air during this little photo shoot.

They did, however, lounge happily for quite some time.

You guys are bad to the bone.

As a thank you to the SFP for making these awesome pugjamas, Lola Pug and her people have made a donation in their name to the Pugalug Pug Rescue to help out with the vet bills for the little rescues (pugs can be high needs in the vet bill area).

It’s shaping up to be a VERY snuggly winter here at Casa Lola.


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New Friend? What New Friend?

Lola Pug and I recently went visiting, and we met a new friend!

…a new friend who Lola wanted nothing to do with, of course, despite his very sweet nature and obviously handsome looks….

Perhaps it was Barclay’s over-willingness to make people smile… something Lola Pug might interpret as far too “try-hard”….

…or perhaps it had something to do with the fact that he bears a striking (although totally unrelated in breed or family line) resemblance to another one of her friends….

Ah, yes.

The world is only big enough for one Rocco, my dear. I see what you mean.

Boy, he sure is a cutie, though.


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