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Prized Pug Possession

The Pug has a few tried and true toys that have made the cut into the “forever favourites” list, but nothing compares to her little blue bonies.

She loves none other than these, specific bones. I have tried MANY others, but these are the only Pug Approved bones on the list. I  really can’t call the bones “toys”, either. They are more like an essential element for Lola Pug’s day-to-day living.

Bonie for The Pug is rather like an after-dinner glass of Port for me, and she only entertains it when The Man or I are with her. We need to pick it up for her, give it to her, pick it up again when she delightedly (and repeatedly) flings it off the sofa … just don’t try to take it away from her when she’s settling down for the evening….


Yes. Bonie is also her favourite teddy bear.

You just don’t mess with a pug and her bonie.


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