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Coastal Friends

Lola Pug’s lifelong BFF and cousin, Roxy, is moving to the other side of the country shortly (cue the sadfaces at Casa Lola), so we invited the Little Miss and her people up to Lola’s northern playground for a weekend of adventuring and bonding before the big move.

One of the first things we all must do when faced with outdoor adventures is put on our hats and sunscreen, so Roxy reminded us all to do so before we set out….


The first order of the day was to have a little boating adventure, which Roxy took to like a …duck to water?


Lola, being used to such travel, was a little bit less impressed, but that also might have something to do with the fact that she’s rather grown out of her life jacket a little bit. (Middle age spread happens to the best of us, baby).


Not only did we have gorgeous sunshine and water, but we had jumping fish and giant aeries to be on the lookout for.


Once our not-quite-three-hour tour was done, we were all rather toasty, so we thought we’d bring the pugs to the water to cool down a bit.

Roxy has always been a bit of a water baby, so she was quite pleased with the refreshment.








Epic and proud, babygirl, epic and proud.


Lola, however, has *never* had a fondness for water OR being wet, so imagine my shock and temporary horror when THIS happened…



She stood in the water in a dreamy state, thoroughly enjoying every soothing moment of the cooling wetness.


When I finally coaxed her out of the water to come up on a rock with her cousin to watch some passing boats…


…she turned around and walked back INTO the water for a bit more spa action.


Which prompted me to call out… “WHERE IS MY PUG, AND WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH HER???”


We’re all back to normal now, I see….


Yes. That’s likely goose poop she’s smearing her wet face in.

That seemed to be enough adventuring for one day for these two, so we settled in for a little nap on the porch together.

Lola was a bit miffed that Roxy got her favourite chair…


…but we do these things for our friends. Especially when we might not see them again for a long, long time.


Love and kisses, little Roxy Pug. Here’s hoping we will get a chance to come and visit you in your new (and terribly exciting) coastal home before long.
















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Pug Canada Day!

Up here in the True North, Canada Day is all about enjoying a long summer weekend filled with friends, family, food and fireworks. And flags, of course.


NEVER one to miss out on a party, and fresh from her World Pride celebrations, Lola Pug stands…okay, sits…ready to welcome this year’s national celebrations, pug-style.


…which, unfortunately for her, means she can’t escape being dressed up – just a little bit – once again.


Happy Canada Day , everyone!

Stay cool, stay safe and stay proud!







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Abominable Snowmen?


Maybe she’s looking for yachts.

The Pug does have expensive tastes, after all.


One thing is for sure – we’re thankful to be missing the worst of the storm in the Northeast of the continent this weekend.

Stay warm and stay safe, friends!


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Pug on Holiday

We’ve been back from our little sojourn to the south for a while, but I thought I would do a recap of Lola Pug’s exciting adventure in the land of palm trees.

We went boating…

…lay around the pool…

…went for drives in a sexy convertible…

…more boat rides….

I’m so happy you enjoyed yourself so much, Pug.

Perhaps we’ll go somewhere a little more stimulating for you next time.


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Captain Lola Pug

Part of the joy of being in a warm ocean playground is to get out and enjoy the ocean.

Lola Pug, being a pug who is apparently made of sugar, doesn’t actually want anything to do with bodies of water larger than her bowl back home.

Luckily for her, Lola Pug’s Grandpa has a boat that appeals to the level of comfort and style that The Pug  has become used to.

Okay, okay. In her MIND that’s the boat she should have. Her Grandpa is not Stephen Spielberg, however, so no such luck, Pug.

To break our rigorous eat/nap/work/eat/nap/eat schedule, Lola’s Grandpa took us on a little cruise of the surrounding areas. Far from being the boring snooze-fest that I’m sure The Pug was expecting, there was plenty for her to see – there were even new friends to bark at.

So although The Pug DID nap ferociously in parts, I like to think that she enjoyed her boating adventure, and that she’ll be amenable to more boat trips when the lakes around home eventually thaw in the spring.

Yah. I’d say we’re going boating again this summer.


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When the Puggie Going Gets Tough…

…the Pug goes south.

I’m really, really trying to embrace the wonders of winter. The snow, the skiing, the brisk cold that makes you feel alive and invigorated.

Good grief, I’m trying.

But sometimes, palm trees are the only remedy for the winter blahs, and that means packing up and heading to visit our neighbours to the south.

This is Lola Pug’s first trip to any land with palm trees, so I’m curious to see what she thinks of it all.

You really do lead quite the life, little one.


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Pug Ahoy!

Autumn really is the most pleasant season, as far as the folks at Casa Lola are concerned.

We take every chance we can get to be outside, adventuring and cramming in all of the sun and warmth we can before the long, cold winter hits.

This year, we’ve been hitting up the lakes hard. Lola isn’t too thrilled about water or boats, so we thought we’d give her a chance to *really* get in on the action, and drive for a while…

…but that didn’t seem to maker her experience any better, really.

It wasn’t until we tied up at the dock and cracked open a couple of refreshing beverages that she really got into the boating thing.

So easy to make some creatures happy, yes?

We really are such simple souls in this household.


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Wordless Wednesday – Lake Edition


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