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Ants in Your Pants

…or rather on your feet.

One of the best things about living near a great park system is our access to all things nature. Trees, rivers, bunnies and all things glorious to sniff.

Alas, nature also includes rather ferocious, biting ants.

Poor Bean got chomped on by a couple of nasties on her way out of the park yesterday, and the pain was obviously pretty intense.

Poor girl…


This has happened enough times, unfortunately, for me to know exactly what to do, so into the foot bath she goes, followed by a baking soda poultice. Add a lot of frantic pacing on her side, and some soothing and loving butt rubs from me, and the poultice eventually begins to work its magic.


A few kisses from mama, a good nap, some alone time, and she was as right as rain again.

Aw, baby.

Dumb ants.


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